Abundance Consciousness - Master Your Mind (level 2)

Abundance Consciousness - Master Your Mind (level 2)


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About The Event

What is Abundance?

Abundance is an overflow in wealth, money, health, good relationships that leads one to inner peace and joy. The contrast of abundance is scarcity consciousness. Our negative beliefs about money block the flow of abundance into our lives. Our negative emotions ensure that only negativity is attracted into our lives. Your values in life also help in the flow of abundance or block the flow of abundance.

Abundance consciousness course objectives and outline:

This Level 2 workshop will begin with a quick revision of Level 1 concepts and Self Hypnosis. In Level 1 ‘Master your mind’, one understands that beliefs and feelings using the law of attraction automatically draw people, circumstances and events which manifest a new reality.
Abundance in all areas of life - money, material, health, relationships and spiritual is a natural state. However, we with negative conditioning's, limiting beliefs, feelings of lack, block the flow of abundance into our life. Abundance in every walk of life is also drawn through beliefs and feelings.

Different from Level 1 “Master your mind”

This workshop is a hands-on experiential workshop. Unlike level 1 where the focus was more on conceptual understanding and on what the trainer said, the focus in this workshop is self introspection, self appraisal and self work.


To learn to align our entire consciousness at every level to allow the flow of abundance into our life.

Who should attend?

All Individual's who took action towards their growth & Success by attending Master Your Mind – Level 1 workshop are eligible.

Methodology & Tools:

1. Learning EFT: Emotional Freedom technique to work on negative beliefs and feelings about abundance
2. True or False exercise w.r.t. beliefs about money
3. Examining core values and goals, their match and mismatch
4. Be, do, have triangle
5. Congruence at thought, word and deed level
6. Working with Money issues at causal, astral and etheric body levels
7. Making a personal vision board
8. Understanding Chakras and energetic Chakra balancing meditation for flow of abundance
9. Gratitude exercise
10. Other simple tools and exercises to move from scarcity consciousness to abundance consciousness
11. Abundance meditations
12. Understanding what blocks and what unlocks the flow of abundance at the level of head, heart and hand


• Learn the exact science of attracting unlimited Abundance across multiple areas of life
• Gain clarity on what abundance represents for you in all areas of your life
• Understand what is getting in your way of creating the life you want
• Discover & eliminate energy blocks & negative thought patterns that are holding you back from experiencing consistent & lasting abundance to your success
• Learn to Shift your internal references from wanting to having
• Learn how to tune & align into the frequency of abundance as your normal state of being
• Learn how to ask powerfully, give wholeheartedly, and receive graciously
• Open the doors to your financial freedom
• Learn advance techniques to connect with your creative flow to balance & heal your heart, body, mind & soul
• Learn how to maintain focus & commitment to achieve results that will inspire you!

About the Mentor:

VijayaSai B.S. has been a certified life coach since 2001. Since then, he has been coaching both corporate and personal clients through a variety of transitions. Vijay offers clear insight and useful tools to find the answers within. Vijay’s approach is both supportive and empowering, to help His clients reach their full potential and find their own greatness. Vijay has managed teams and coached clients of all ages for over 15 years and he has undergone over 300 days of training in various therapeutic mind sciences and alternate healing sciences including Hypnotherapy, Transpersonal regression therapy, Past Life Regression therapy, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Emotional Freedom Technique, Pranic Healing, Reiki, Redikall Healing, Crystal healing, Aura Photography, RRT, Mantra Shakti Healing, Alpha Mind Power, Ho’oponopono, Angelic Healing, Family & structure Constellation therapy, Transactional Analysis (Psychotherapy), Organ Regeneration, Life between Life & has been trained by many Indian and international masters in the field. He is currently a certified trainer for Levels 1 to 4 of EKAA curriculum. He is also undergoing training for teaching the 6 levels of the PG Diploma Module of Tasso –Transpersonal Regression therapy. He is a sought after counselor and therapist who has brought about the total reversal of many physical, mental and emotional issues in his clients. He is also a mentor to many mentees who are budding therapists in this field. In addition to this, he is a full time entrepreneur and the director of a Learning and Development company that is into training, coaching and mentoring corporate clientele in soft skills, behavioral skills, people skills & leadership. He also regularly conducts train the trainer workshops and has reached over 50000 people through his flagship program “Unleash your potential - Master your mind ”. He is also a visiting faculty to a few educational institutions.



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* If you wish to enroll separately to each levels. Follow the links below.

MASTER YOUR MIND (LEVEL 1) workshop: www.imojo.in/mym6

2. ABUNDANCE CONSCIOUSNESS. MASTER YOUR MIND (LEVEL 2) workshop: www.imojo.in/nov5

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