Mitr Monsoon Rotary Run-10k

Mitr Monsoon Rotary Run-10k


  • Entry Fee - 5k

    The runners will need to collect their kits from designated centres in Kharghar and Sanpada

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    INR 250
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  • Entry Fee - 10k

    The runners will need to collect their kits from designated centres in Kharghar and Sanpada

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    INR 600
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About The Event


MITR Monsoon Rotary Run-10k is a unique run in the picturesque backdrop of monsoon kissed hills of Kharghar in Navi Mumbai. Feel the monsoon winds on your face as you run under a cloud laden sky and if you are lucky feel the raindrops on your cheeks as you run. July and August are indeed the best months for outdoor running in Navi Mumbai as the temperatures hover between 18-22 degrees in morning and you can run to your best potential in the good monsoon weather. Wide roads, tree lines avenues, light rains will welcome as you run with the band of enthusiastic runners. The participation is limited so book your spot today.

The run starts from front of MITR Hospital in sector-5 Kharghar and goes along the main roads for a loop of 5 km or 10 km. Only 10 km run will have RFID tags for timing, the 5k run will be timed manually. We will be sending you the detailed instructions and address of the BIB and kit collection centres via email one week before the run. The kit will have a surprise gift for each of the participant runners. All finishers will receive medals.

Disclaimer-In case of any medical emergency, organisers are not held responsible. However we have arrangement of mobile medical service. 







Terms & Conditions


Runners  Guide

·        The 5k and 10 k run are flat with slight slopes at the half way points.

·        Parking- There is ample parking  space on the Rain tree marg towards Belapur side. Volunteers would be there at the iconic Utsav Chowk to guide you towards parking.

·        It would be ideal if you use the train to kharghar and use the skyway to Utsav Chowk, or use car pool with your friends.

·        Toilet- Starting point  will have porta potty in the holding  area.

·        Medical- An Ambulance will be on service and assistance will be provided for medical ememrgencies.

·        Water- bottled water will be available on enroute and at the start and at finish line.

·        Signages Distance signboards and directions for both the routes will be displayed.

·        Volunteers-Ample volunteers will be there to help and cheer.

·        Baggage- MITR hospital reception desk will be used. Please carry a large plastic bag  to prevent things from getting wet. Atleast a zip lock is recommended to save your cash from getting wet.

·        Time limit Traffic restrictions will be removed after 9:00 am. Slow runners will be guided and helped reach finish line.

·        BIB and Chip-  Please pin it properly and mention your name on backside. Also mention the emergency relative/friend number

·        Rights to Photographs-Photographs taken on run day will be used for promotions

           Registrations are open till 31st July-Friday.


           Bibs collection-

          1st Aug/Saturday at Mitr Hospital, next to Eden Garden, opp Harmony International

          School, Sec 5, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai. Time shall be communicated by 31st July.


Don’ts of the Run-

·        Don’t run if you have pain in chest or dizziness or breathlessness or severe cramps.

·        Don’t run in category for which you have not registered

·        Don’t wear the bib loosely

·        Don’t follow the wrong route and miss the timing carpet. You will not be eligible for certificate

·        Don’t run with pets

·        Don’t use any wheeled equipment like skates


Prevention Of Kidney Stones

·        What Should I do to prevent Kidney stones?

·        3.5 litres of fluid intake per day

·        Restrict excessive salts

·        Low animal protein diet

·        How do I know if I am prone to kidney stone formation?

·        Family history

·        Work pattern inducing dehydration states

·        Dietary pattern of high protien content and high salt diet like fast foods

·        What do I do when i get a stone in my kidney?

·        If painful - obviously meet urologist

·        If painless but small - can be flushed out by medical management. Some large stones can remain silent and painless.


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