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About The Event

We all are born with supreme talent and excellence but very few of us recognize and believe in it truly. 
Mind Magic -The Whole Brain Optimization Workshop is a pure recognition process through which you 
get know your true self, which is capable of achieving everything it aims for, Not Materialistically. 

The 2-Days Scientific, Experiential  & Rejuvenating workshop is designed to give you an
eye-opening introduction to the Brain development and its limitless abilities. The objective is to let people experience what Brain development is all about and to make them understand that mental development 
can do in their routine Life. It is not generic and parametric like Conventional Education, instead it's full of fun, entertainment & creativity. 


• Enhanced Intuitive Faculty 
• Enhanced Memory Power 
• Enhanced Learning Sensitivities 
• Enhanced Creative Thinking 
• Extraordinary Sensory Perception 
• A Motivated and Positive Personality 
• Balanced Right and Left Brain Usage 
• Alpha Concentration 
• Boosted Confidence with Self Belief 
• Enhanced IQ - Intelligence Quotient  
• Enhanced EQ - Emotional Quotient 
• Enhanced Precognition Capabilities 
• Enhanced Metaphorical Thinking 
• Goal Manifestation Ability 
• Enhanced Vision Development 
• Understanding Own Psychic Ability 
• Subconcious Feeding & Anchoring 
• Clarity In Decision Making  
• Creating Abundance In Life 
• Proffesional & Social Excellence 

For more details, Kindly contact: 9289211211, 9899510280



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