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Meditation on Twin Hearts - For Inner and World Peace


About The Event

You are cordially invited to "Meditation on Twin Hearts" - For Inner & World Peace.

Pranic healing is systematically designed energy science approach to heal physiological and psychological disorders or ailments currently being practised in more than 120 countries. JOIN US to experience energy healing and to know how it can help you and your loved ones.


What is meditation on twin hearts?
-MTH is simple yet powerful technique introduced by GMCKS to acheive peace and illumination.

How does it work?
-In MTH we use a powerful prayer which has transforming effect of us ,the negative lower emotions like anger ,hatred,despair etc.
Are transformed into higher positive emotions like love,forgiveness ,faith.

What are benefits?
-MTH helps in gaining deep mental and emotional relaxation,reduces stress,helps to achieve inner calmness ,peace and unconditional happiness.

Who can join?
-Any body above 14 years can join this event.

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