MCA Internship in UI/UX

MCA Internship in UI/UX


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As part of our holistic IT skills development endeavor, Felix IT Systems provide mobile UX & UI design training and development courses for our students. For those who want to make a name as designers for website, applications or mobile apps, this ui design course is a sure building block to a successful career ahead.

With our comprehensive UX and UI design training courses, we make you familiar with the UI design trends of current times and help you unleash your creative side to its max potential. Be it UI/UX of mobile apps across multiple screen sizes and form factors, or use of the Adobe suite of softwares for web and application development, Felix IT Systems provides all these and much more. 

You need not have considerable experience to take this course. Simply enroll online and give proper direction to your artistic bent of mind with highly sought after skills in UI and UX..

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