Master Class - Effective Framework for memorable and persuasive presentations

Master Class - Effective Framework for memorable and persuasive presentations


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About The Event

Institute of Product leadership take great pleasure in inviting you to the Master Class Series. Our theme for this event will be about "Effective Framework for memorable & persuasive presentations"

Deion - 

Presentations come in all shapes and forms. To deliver a memorable and persuasive talk, there are certain key emotional factors that come into play. By using these proven frameworks, you will have an unfair advantage over other presenters. You will learn how to use emotional appeal, stories, and specific methodologies to leave a lasting impression on your audience and get them to take action.

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Speakers Bio:-

Nathan Gold
Demo Coach - San Francisco Bay Area
Nathan Gold is also known as The Demo Coach. He hail from the San Francisco Bay Area and travel around the world coaching and training people on how to really prepare for high-stakes presentations.
He has personally delivered over 15,000 presentations and over 12,000 hours of professional coaching and training while working with companies including,Glue Networks,, Innovation Norway,SanDisk, Kaiser Permanente, and IBM — on designing, ing and delivering more compelling and memorable presentations and product demos, especially in situations where you cannot afford to miss.

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