Magnet Workshop (Divine Channeling) Ahmedabad 25 Feb 2018 - Truly Spiritual

Magnet Workshop (Divine Channeling) Ahmedabad 25 Feb 2018 - Truly Spiritual


  • Magnet (Divine Channeling) Workshop

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About The Event

Magnet is a Spiritual Workshop without any religious boundaries. That means it is a workshop which deals with our own self and has nothing to do with any God or religion we follow.

This is an energy workshop in which Master TD in the first phase releases our known and unknown Fears and phobias and explains how our Mind manipulates reality and plays games with us.

Thereafter our old belief patterns are released hence making us light and open for the energy to be received. (At present you may feel that you have no fears or Phobias or any negative belief pattern but during the workshop in the churning process you will find out how much we hold on to such things )

Once this is done Master channels every participant individually with the Universe it is during this time many participants feel vibrations in their body or see different pictures, faces or colors. Also during this process any FE’s or DFE attached with our energy body are releases, these FE’s & DFE’s block our relationship, finance, spiritual growth and many such things which keeps us away from our Happiness.

Then, on a spiritual level Goal setting is done. Magnet workshop is a pure energy workshop hence everything related to the energy of our body is channelized. Many participants say that their Goals have been achieved within 24 Hrs, some say that their goal was achieved during the workshop it self, some say a week and some say within 90 days. But one thing is in common that every participant is able to achieve his/ her goal.

Every participant is made aware and contact with their Spirit Guide which is a part of our own energy matrix. This contact is established so that participant can start communicating with their Spirit Guide and get answers to their life issues on their own. After this workshop you will have no reason to go to a councilor or a palmist or an astrologer or anybody, when you are some trouble. You would see that you would find solutions on your own and that too effortlessly.

You would also learn the purpose of your existence in your family, within your relatives, in your society etc etc. You would be able to learn and understand who the real of you is.

The chapter of Death makes You would understand what happens before, during and after Death and how do we transit after Death. This is taught so that we can live our life at the fullest and that too with a spiritual sense.

You would learn how to read Auras with your hands so that you can understand how to deal with strangers.

You would learn what Astral body is and how we can integrate it with our consciousness.

You would learn different Healing Modalities and techniques which would help you heal yourself and your family members from any type of disease and discomforts.

The entire workshop is full of lot of learning and lots of sessions where you experience yourself and the energies as you have never done before.

Finally during the energy meditation you receive personal blessing from the Master and you are shielded against any negative energies. This shield is so powerful that it cannot be broken by any negative energies.

A lot of Healing at Personal level is done in the workshop, may it be Financial Healing or Healing Relationships or any Physical or Mental Issue or Disease. In fact any & every thing can be Healed if intentions are Pure.

Experience MAGNET to Experience HAPPINESS.

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