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IBM lombardi BPM Online Training
IBM Business Process Manager Standard
Course introductionIntrodu

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IBM lombardi BPM Online Training

IBM Business Process Manager Standard

Course introduction
Introduction to business process management
Introduction to IBM Business Process Manager and integration with other tools
Creating a process model
Exercise: Creating a process application
Defining process flow
Exercise: Modeling gateways and timer intermediate events in a BPD
Validating the process model with playback 0
Exercise: Validating the process model
IBM Business Process Manager architecture and toolkits
Exercise: Creating a toolkit
Conducting playback 1
Exercise: Creating playback 1 assets
Exercise: Conducting playback 1
Conducting playback 2
Exercise: Implementing a human service for playback 2
Exercise: Creating a snapshot
Conducting playback 3
Exercise: Creating playback 3 assets
Conducting playback 4
Exercise: Enhancing a coach for playback 4
Conducting playback 5
Exercise: Creating error handling for a service for playback 5
Course summary

IBM Business Process Manager Advanced – II

Course introduction
Business process management and service-oriented architecture
Exercise: Using iterative development to create applications
Version control and testing of SCA applications
Exercise: Version control for SCA applications
SCA bindings, the SCA runtime environment, and SCA quality of service qualifiers
Exercise: Working with SCA bindings and qualifiers
Fault handlers
Exercise: Applying fault handlers
WS-BPEL compensation and event handlers
Exercise: Applying a compensation handler to WS-BPEL
Business state machines
Exercise: Working with business state machines
Transactional behavior of SCA applications
Exercise: Defining transactional behavior in SCA applications
Business process flexibility
Exercise: Creating flexible business processes
Exercise: Working with static relationships
Mediation primitives
Exercise: Implementing a mediation flow
Mediation flow control
Exercise: Writing a generic error handler for WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus
Industry Packs
Exercise: Working with industry schemas and business objects
Exercise: Implementing security
Governance of process applications
Exercise: Applying governance to process applications
Integrating with IBM Business Process Manager
Exercise: Integrating other applications with IBM Integration Designer
Course summary

Administration of IBM Business Process Manager Advanced

Course introduction
Overview of IBM Business Process Manager Advanced
IBM Business Process Manager Advanced installation
Exercise: Installing IBM Business Process Manager Advanced
Exercise: Installing the IBM HTTP Server
IBM Business Process Manager Advanced architecture overview
IBM Business Process Manager Advanced components
IBM Business Process Manager Advanced deployment topologies
Exercise: Configuring the Process Center environment
Introduction to Process Center
Exercise: Administering Process Center
Overview of Process Portal
Exercise: Administering Process Portal
Overview of Process Server
Exercise: Configuring the Process Server environment
Business process choreography
Application deployment concepts
Exercise: Process Server administration
Introduction to Business Space
Exercise: Administering Business Space
Overview of deployment scenarios
Exercise: Managing offline and online Process Servers
Advanced administration concepts
Exercise: Advanced Process Server administration
Exercise: Configuring SSL
Exercise: Implementing security with LDAP
Problem determination
Course summary


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