Getting Live With Azure

Getting Live With Azure


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About The Event

Getting Live With Microsoft Azure

Lecture 1 (60 minutes):

  1. Started with cloud Computing
  2. Understanding of various ways of cloud computing :What is Microsoft AZURE?
    1. IAAS
    2. PAAS
    3. SAAS
  3. How Azure make cloud computing easy?
  4. Understanding Azure Cloud Portal.

Lecture 2 (60 minutes):

  1. What is Azure Web Apps?
  2. How to make Web Apps?
  3. Connect Azure SDK to Visual Studio.

Break 1 (10 Minutes):

Lecture 3 (60 minutes):

  1. Publish Web Project to Azure Web Apps.
  2. Customize Web App.
  3. How to make Azure Web Apps More Scalable?

Lab 1st (30 minutes):

Lunch (30 Minutes):

Lecture 4 (60 minutes):

  1. Load Balancing using Traffic Manager Cloud Service.

Lab 2nd (30 Minutes):

Lecture 5 (60 minutes):

  1. How to manage Data in Azure?
  2. Type of Data Management.What is Azure SQL?
    1. Azure SQL.
    2. DocumentDB.
    3. Blob.
  3. How to make and configure data centres of Azure SQL?
  4. Using Azure SQL in Visual Studio Projects.

Lab 3rd (30 Minutes):

Lecture 6 (60 minutes):

  1. What is the benefits of DocumentDB?
  2. How to create DocumentDB in Azure Portal.
  3. Writing Query for DocumentDB.
  4. Use DocumentDB into Visual Studio Project.

Lab 4th (30 Minutes):

Lecture 7 (60 minutes):

  1. How to use Blob and what is Blob?
  2. Storing Media Files in into Blob.
  3. Using blob with Asp.Net Web Apps.

Lab 5th (30 Minutes):

Lecture 8 (60 minutes):

  1. Getting Stating with IAAS in Azure.
  2. What is VM in Azure?
  3. How to create Azure VM?A Virtual Disk Virtual Machine in Azure. 
    1. VM by Quick Create.
    2. VM from Gallery.

Lab 6th (30 Minutes):

Lecture 9 (60 minutes):

  1. Cloud Services Scheduler In Microsoft Azure
  2. Azure Media Services Overview And Playing Media

Q & A Session:

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