How to be an Effective Communicator and Leader in 21 days

How to be an Effective Communicator and Leader in 21 days


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About The Event

This is to inform you that I am conducting 21 days Challenge Leadership Development Program to become a successful Public Speaker and Leader in 21 days.

For the effectiveness of the program the participants are limited to 15 only. Please register immediately to commit yourself to self-improvement and confirm your seat.

You must join 21-Days program to a successful effective communicator and Leader. You can experience the power of the program by attending a session. Full program fees is Rs.10,000/-

You will Learn EQ to become a better decision maker and leader; and a happy person.

  • Building Positivity in Communication
  • MANAGERIAL SKILLS and awakening the leadership in you

Online registration is Rs.499/- 

and on the spot registration at the venue is Rs. 600/-

Let's meet to discuss further at

Venue: LMA Leadership Centre,Hyderabad, opposite to Maitrivanam, Yousufguda Main Road, Near Sarathi Studio, Ameerpet, Next to Cafe Coffee Day and opposite to ICICI Bank ATM Metro Pillar No.14, 

Please call Ph: 9515733436 if you have difficulty to locate venue


It takes minimum 21 days to form a new habit, if I can fully concentrate my energy to form a new habit, otherwise it takes 90 days.


Will you invest 2 hours in a day for the next 21 days to become a better communicator and leader?


I will be there always with you as a Leadership Coach to face your all challenges to become a better communicator and leader, if can commit to invest 2 hour for self in person at my institute in Ameerpet, opposite to Maitrivanam, near Sarathi Studio on Yousufguda Main Road or you can have sessions over Skype from the comfort of your office or home.


Anyway 21 days will pass, give yourself another opportunity to become a better communicator, public speaker and Leader.


I realised to be a better communicator I have to change my thoughts, actions and words I use in my communication with self and others. Once my thoughts, words and actions are aligned my body language, facial expression and tone of voice will improve to be a better communicator.


Emotions are the result of my thoughts in my mind. Emotion is energy in motion.


If I have positive thoughts in my mind, I will release positive Emotions and it will emit positive vibrations. I will attract positive people and situations in my life.


TIME and COMMITMENT is the most important asset.


Whether you admit it or not, what you are today is due to the actions taken in the past and the actions you will take today and tomorrow determine your future. You can cheat everyone but not yourself. 


So let's cut to the point… If you know, deep down inside that you need to make a major change in your life right now! Then now is the time to act. 


It's time to cut excuses, step up and take responsibility for yourself and your life… 


Now is the time to make an absolute conviction in your life that you will do whatever it takes to get what you want; are you up for the challenge?


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