Book Online Tickets for Leadership Presence and Influence - Lead, NewDelhi. Leadership Excellence WorkshopLeadership Presence and InfluenceEstablish your presence and Exert influence to have an Effect and Drive Business ValueNominate: Hi-Potentials and Mid- Senior Management ProfessionalsIncludes: Gallup Strength Finder 2.0;

Leadership Presence and Influence - Leadership Excellence Workshop


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Leadership Excellence Workshop
Leadership Presence and Influence

Establish your presence and Exert influence to have an Effect and Drive Business Value

Nominate: Hi-Potentials and Mid- Senior Management Professionals
Includes: Gallup Strength Finder 2.0; Three one-on-one Leadership Coaching, and Three days of Power Packed Leadership Workshop - 6 MasterClasses.

Sharpen and enhance the effectiveness:
Deliver Powerful Messages, Persuade and Negotiate, Influence People to Act, Build Consensus, Get the buy-in, and Drive Business Value.


The ability to influence people, energize and inspire them, to strive willingly towards purposeful and mutually agreed goals, to do things that one ought to do, is what differentiates great leaders from the rest.
During the workshop participants explore one’s communication styles, examine factors that help or hinder their influence, understand ways to use influence process effectively, understand and effectively use combination of techniques to exert interpersonal influence, and avoid mistakes that will harm in the long-run.

As a result of participating in this Leadership Excellence Workshop, Participants should be able to demonstrate:

Use Breakthrough communication techniques at ease and effectively:

  • Use the right mix of influence strategies to have an effect and get appropriate response.
  • Articulate clearly and convincingly, simplify message to make an impact.
  • Gain insights into what motivates people and communications styles of others.
  • Identify and remove barriers to communication, facilitate two way communications.
  • Create a win-win climate to bring together individual and groups with diverse views and opinions to agreement.
  • Handle hostile communication situations effectively.

Build Trust & Credibility, Enlarge the Circle of Influence 360 Degrees:

  • Use interpersonal dynamics to build strong relationship across hierarchical levels.
  • Connect with your followers by communicating right message that resonate with them.
  • Match communication styles to leadership styles, establish your  leadership presence.
  • Learn the secrets of communication that makes leaders great.
  • Communicate organization and personal brand message clearly.

    About the Leadership Coach and Facilitator:
    Sudhakar I. Prabu
    CPLP Certified (ATD CI, USA) & Gallup Strengths Coach

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