Kavita Hans Transactional Analysis Workshop on Parenting

Kavita Hans Transactional Analysis Workshop on Parenting


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About The Event


Raise confident, successful and happy children…..

Every child is born to be a little Prince or little Princess and their parents turn them into frogs..

We as parents want to do best for our children, right from their education, healthy habits, safety, comfort and entertainment. When they are infant there is mutual trust and lots of love freely flowing between the child and the parents..

During the journey of upbringing the child, something happens that we start losing that love and trust between each other. Parents are still doing their best to make them civilized but during this process of civilization they start facing the challenges and have the following complain:


  • do not listen to us

  • are most of the time in angry mood

  • are attracted towards technology

  • are replying back

  • do not want to eat healthy food

  • do not want to spend time with us

  • are not focussed

  • are not sharing their feelings etc

The journey is now full of Stress, Stress and Stress. You feel distancing from your own children.

This workshop begins the journey as a parent and takes you through your inner self and empowers you to learn the skills of stress–free parenting.

You will learn and understand:

: Your Parenting Style

: Art of motivation

: Emotional need of your child

: Role of injunctions and drivers and its impact on your child

: how to make better relationship with your spouse

: ways of communication with your child

: how to change behaviours of child permanently

: how to raise self-esteem of the child

: create a family of love, respect and trust

This workshop enriches your relationship with your spouse, family members and colleagues.

WHO CAN JOIN: Educators, Caretakers, Parents, Grand Parents, Counsellors and Teachers.

Date: Jan 15-16, 2018

Time: 10 AM - 5PM

Venue: Andheri

A snippet of review by the parents:

  • It was a wonderful experience for me as a new mother learning concepts of TA which I applied immediately and it has improved my interaction and understanding of my child and family. As a psychologist, it is a wonderful tool that I can use in my practice and in my own parenting workshops. The trainers were very good and could relate TA to other forms of family and parenting theories to make it more wholesome. It was a great experience and I am looking forward of doing 5 day course on parenting with them.

Capt. Aditi Samant ( Mother, Psychologist, Trainer and a Life-Coach)

  • The Parenting course within TA Conference gave me an insight about what conscious parenting is all about. It emphasised on the importance of the day to day communication that we have with others and it also equipped me to bring changes making it more productive. All the facilitators had an immense knowledge on the subject and the examples they shared made the topic easier to grasp and adapt. Being a career counsellor, I interact with students and parents all the time, this knowledge will help me to make my clients learn how positive strokes can motivate and encourage their children.


Rita Balachandran ( Mother, Counselor and a Trainer)




 Learn to implement activities that satisfy the natural needs of children, adolescents, and grownups as they come to the fore.

~ Helpful for parents in attaining freedom from internal confusion, indecision and struggle.

~ Gives knowledge on how to enhance the bonding between spouses and become model to their off springs.

~ To gain freedom from internal confusion, indecision and struggle.

~ Learn to put life on successful path despite challenges and hurdles.

~ To know the changing pattern of child behaviour and enhance capacity for self esteem and responsibility.





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