Kaliyuga Maha Rudraksha Lingam

Kaliyuga Maha Rudraksha Lingam


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About The Event

Kaliyuga Maha Rudreshwar Lingam is about to form with the blessings and instructions of Mahavtar Kriya Babaji at Thiruvannamalai (Agni Sthalam) to protect the maximum living beings from massive distractions of panchabhootha in the nearing future. Every human being has to undergo his / her bad Karma in many ways of distraction. But for those who will be a part of Sri Kriya babaji’s mission of putting up Kaliyuga Maha Rudreshwar Lingam using 100008 pancha mukha Rudrakshas, shall be relieved of their Janmantara Karma dosham. 


Divine energies of Kaliyuga Maha Rudreshwar Lingam

Spiritual energies of divine mud & water, from 108 auspicious  

   places are being used to form this Lingam

108 Powerful, Chakras, Yantras & Mantras are used in the  

   rudraksha shivalingam is to get rid of one’s janmantara karmas

108 Panchamukha rudrakshas from Nepal shall be put up after  

   the 3 day rudrabhishekam, and purified with curd, milk & water  

   as per divine instructions.

The peedam will be in the form of Srichakra.

As per divine instruction, the rudraksha lingam will be in the shape  

   of world’s first Shiva Ling having a height of 16 feet.

The prathishta of Kaliyuga Maha Rudreshwar Lingam will be  

   completed before Maha shivaratri 2017, with the blessings and  

   the auspicious presence of Maha Siddhas, Sanyasis, Yogis  

   and Spiritual gurus from all parts of the universe

Divine Yogis from Sathuragiri till Himalayas will be present on  

   each pournami and pradosham day to bless the devotees.

The cost of one rudraksha is Rs.21 and one devotee can donate  

   only one rudraksha. This rudraksham will be put up on the  

   Kaliyuga Maha Rudraksha Lingam, Which will protect One with

   all divine energies to eliminate his / her bad karmas.

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