Jupiter Transit 2016 Homam

Jupiter Transit 2016 Homam


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About The Event

Jupiter Transit 2016

Special Ritual Scheduled Live on 11th August 2016 from 6.00 AM – 9.00 AM IST

Make the most of this transit with Jupiter Transit 2016 Homa..!! Celebrate the Auspiciousness in your life.!!

Jupiter is also known as Brihaspati or Guru. Lord Brihaspati was born to saint Angris, who is the son of Lord Brahma and Chiratha devi. His wife is Gnana devi and their sons are Kasan and Bharadwaja muni. He signifies Lord Dhakshinamurthi who is renowned for protecting his devotees from darkness and ignorance.

Jupiter is generally called “Devta Guru” or the “Mentor of deities”, the predominant teacher of devas and the God of Wisdom. Jupiter’s favourabe position in this Jupiter Transit will make one truthful, honest, and gives him a divine grace. This Navagraha is also recognized for Wisdom, meditation, Purity, and Justice. Offer a Jupiter Transit 2016 Homa to Jupiter and please him to mitigate the negative effects of this Jupiter Transit 2016. 

Guru Peyarchi 2016

Guru Peyarchi 2016 Homam is very important in astrology since major events happen only when the ruling planets are favorable in one’s horoscope. Jupiter is a benefic planet which takes 12 years to complete a full zodiac circle. It resides in each sign for a year during which it allows and promotes fortune, wealth, growth, expansion, joy etc… Jupiter is responsible for Marriage. If it is exalted in its own house then it gives happiness and added benefits.

Jupiter is completely a subha graha and his support is very important to achieve success in life. Favourable position of Jupiter during this transit will be the stepping stone for auspicious ceremonies especially for marriage alliances, child birth, change in Job, buying fixed assets, success in education or career, foreign travel, etc. 

His unfavourable condition may cause all sorts of trouble and difficulties in one’s life. It may make your monetary transactions unsteady, health may deteriorate and your relationships may become unstable. Help yourself from all these malefic effects by performing this Homam. Paying devotion to Jupiter with this Jupiter Transit 2016 Homa will also nullify all the Doshas, Karma in your natal chart.


Devotees performing this homa will receive a Jupiter Yantra as freebie. Offer poojas to this yantra on a regular basis to have a blessed life. Receive the blessings of Lord Jupiter and Live a life of tranquility by performing God Brihaspati pooja.

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