Iyengar Kitchen Rhthym

Iyengar Kitchen Rhthym


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About The Event

Iyengar is a Brahmin family from Tamil Nadu. Iyengar cuisine is pure vegetarian, ensures a balanced diet and has its unique taste. 

I'm Harini an ex-bank manager from Bank of India. I love cooking and used to cook for my colleagues at my office most of the time. My recipes got published few hundred times in the Deccan chronicle few years ago. I'm retired now and would like to share my love of Food with people and explore different stories.

  • Pepper Soup    1 Glass

    Made with Pepper soup and dry coconut and its good for health.

  • Carrot Paituparp Kosambri    1 Plate

    Its a salad with coconut, moong dal and coconut.

  • Heerakai Bonda    2 Pieces

    Made into Bajjis with Bengal Gram.

  • Katrikai Yengal    1 Plate

    Brinjal Fry with Iyengar Ingredients.

  • Erulli Aalugadda Nalagri    1 Plate

    Onion and Potato made into the consistency of Sambar.

  • Sop Morkolamb    1 Plate

    Amaranthus made to curd chutney, goes good with white rice.

  • Tomato Rasam    Unlimited plate

    Rasam made with Tomato and Iyengar ingredients

  • Kol Happla    1 plate

    Horse gram papad

  • Lemon Rice    1 plate

    White rice with lemon.

  • White Rice    Unlimited plate


  • Curd    Unlimited plate


  • Kobri Mittai    1 plate

    Sweet made of coconut and sugar.

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