iOS training on weekday

iOS training on weekday


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Objective-C: We offer training for objective-C programming, an important programming language, used for writing software for iOS.

X code: Complete knowledge of how to use X-code6, an Integrated Development Environment, which possesses the entire set of software development tools to develop iOS.

Cocoa touch: You learn about the Cocoa touch, the key framework for building iOS apps.

Views and view controllers: At Felix-ITs, we teach you about view controllers that act as a skeletal structure to build the mobile applications.

Table views: This is a pre-built controller provided by Apple to manage tabular data efficiently.

Navigation and tab bar controllers: These controllers will aid you to build hierarchical and multi-mode apps.

Keyboard input and gestures: We train you to develop efficient mobile apps by providing you training to use V-keyboard as well as touch screen.

Web services: We provide you with the knowledge of communicating with remote web services.

Core data basics: This topic will help you to learn the use of app data modeling tools to model the data and also manage model relationships.

Transitioning to the iPad: Thissection of the course will teach you to build effective apps for the iPad.

Performance and debugging: Apart from being able to develop an iOS app, we also teach you to handle situations when the app shows errors.

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