Introduction t o performance poetry.

Introduction t o performance poetry.


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About The Event

Bullock Cart Cafe is an initiative to create and present unique and original spoken word poetry, stories and art. We specialize in creating and presenting stories and poems. We have held workshops International Schools, remote areas of Arunachal Pradesh, cafes and colleges. Our sessions are conducted by the some of the most popular performance poets in the country.
Performance Poetry is the hottest new art form on the block and is all the rage in colleges and and live venues taking on the likes of stand up comedy. In this workshop children will start writing and performing poetry in a manner that you have never seen before and will certainly surprise you. From the basics of performance and the tricks of writing a spoken word poem that will appeal to audiences on line or live in performances, gatherings and talent shows. Spoken word poems regularly go viral over the Internet and result into full time careers as artists in India and Abroad also. Performance poetry will also help your child improve communication skills, understand the language better and will also improve academic performance with increased skills for oral examinations, presentation and writing skills.


You know you are a poet when you go to sleep, the last thing that comes to your mind as you sleep is poetry.

You know you are a poet when you cannot stop writing your poems drip out of every word you say, they have been dying to be written and think it it their right to be overwritten on bills, on business reports, on class notes and lab manual notebooks. You know you are poet when poetry swirls like magic dust out of the very matter around you. That magic dust enchants you, your pen, your paper and poems start to write themselves on pages and posts and laptop text editors.

You know you are poet when you have a feel for music, but you write poetry. When you have a feel for literature and stories, but you write poetry. When you have a strong feeling for the girl you are talking to in that coffee shop, but you are only really rating the date on the basis of how good the poem you write about her will be. You know you are a poet when everything in the world is a poem for you, but love still overwhelms you- to the point that even poems cannot be written by you. You know you are poet when you do not try to describe the feeling that is inside you. You simply talk about the things and places that got you to that emotion. You know you are poet when you just write what you want to write and you trust that your words are poetry. They do not need to be hammered in, they just fall in place. You know you are a poet when you cease to be one for moments when someone or something takes your breath away- suspended animation happens and the world slows down for you to experience. People take away a warm fuzzy feeling. Poets take away the smell of the air, and the color of the wall paint and the scent of her hair oil and perfume, as well as the warm fuzzy feeling. People see the sorrow of a situation and feel sad, poets can see the sorrow of the situation and save the sorrow into a poem so that that sorrow would always be remembered. Poets are creators of the best memories, and memories are time capsules, so poets make the best time capsules.

Poetry is me, punching out prose while it is itching to be worse, verse. 

I curse and give in, it is not me writing- it is an emotion from within

Distilling emotion into what comes in, and layering feeling into what comes out

My poetry is not my poetry.

My oxymorons are tautologies

My tautologies are redundant

And this is all some high handed wordplay that is not even very good, I should stop here.

Free verse beckons, and it slowly draws near…

So that is the end of my word workout. An excersizing of my brain to turn out some words, keeping the insides well oiled and clunking away so when the the real poems do come, I will have the words to express them.

 (for ages 9-16)

 Workshop Timings- Saturday and Sunday- 11.30 AM - 6.30 PM (Any time, two hours) Table Talk Cafe, Off Apte Road

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