Internet of Things workshop

Internet of Things Protocols Workshop


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About The Event


Internet of Things Protocols Workshop 

Jointly organized by IET Bangalore Network and BAL-IoTLAB


The Internet of Things has the potential to transform our economy, society and how we actually live our lives. Both the digital and physical worlds are coming together through IoT, a combination that will likely revolutionize our lives, and unleash infinite possibilities. We are at the beginning of a huge wave of growth in the IoT. In this workshop, participants will learn from experts about core aspects of IoT such as hardware platforms, embedded design, underlying protocols and standards, and get hands-on experience to imagine, design and build connected devices.


Objectives and Outcome:

This workshop is designed exclusively for technology professionals, product developers and students who are keen on understanding IoT protocols and standards, and get hands-on experience with IoT hardware. At the end of the workshop, participants would be able to build a smart connected device and gain profound knowledge of IoT protocols.



Programming and Computer/Communication Networks



Introduction to IoT

- IoT Introduction 

- IoT Application Segments - Examples - Domains 

- Industry Forecasts - Markets - Opportunity 

- IoT Solution Components and Design Considerations 


Overview of Electronics – Embedded Designs – Open Source Hardware Platforms

- Edge device/Node Components

- Development Platforms – MCU/SoC - Boards

- Peripherals - Sensors - MEMS


Overview of Wireless Communication  Technologies – Protocols -Standards

- Frequency Spectrum (Licensed Spectrum, Unlicensed Spectrum)

- WiFi (802.11bgn)

- 802.15.4

- Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy 802.15.1



- Low Power IPv6 - 6LoWPAN - UDP - CoAP - MQTT

- Security, DTLS



Introduction to CC3200 and Hands-on

- Explanation of board layout and parts

- Hands-on with CC3200:

Energia Introduction

Interfacing sensors

Interfacing actuators

Communication using Wi-Fi

Cloud Integration




Dr. Vishwas Lakkundi

Vishwas is currently a IoT Technical Architect at Altiux Innovations India. He has over 15+ years of applied R&D experience in wireless communications and networking. His current research interests include topics involving standardization, architecture, protocol stack design and information security aspects of Internet of Things. He was awarded the Marie Curie Fellowship twice by the European Commission and contributed to several European R&D projects in the IoT/M2M domain. Currently, he actively participates in related standardization activities within ETSI and IETF. He is a Senior Member of IEEE and a member of IEEE Internet of Things Community, IEEE Technical Committee on Security & Privacy, IETF DICE/ACE/COSE Working Groups, and IET. He holds a PhD in Wireless Communications and MTech & BE in ECE.


Nagasai Panchakarla

Nagasai is IoT protocols engineer and entrepreneur. He is co-founder of SensiBridge Innovations, a connected devices start-up. He is founding member and organizer of IoT Bangalore (IoTBLR) and BAL-IoTLAB, the first open community and lab for the Internet of Things in India. He has strong passion for creating IoT labs to empower hardware entrepreneurs and researchers experimenting with new technologies. He received his B.Tech in ECE from School of Engineering, CUSAT and Master's Degree in Communications Engineering and Strategic Management from Aalto University (Helsinki University of Technology), Finland.

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