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Welcome to INDIA-INTERNATIONAL SOLAR TECH EXPO, The International Solor Technology Exhibition & Conference at Veterinary Ground, Patna, Bihar from 27-29 September, 2013. This event aims to showcase Solar Industry’s entire value chain from sand to solar kWhr, bringing together the developers, Investors, Bankers, Financers, Government & Policy makers, EPC Companies, Technology, Equipment & Solution providrs etc... at one platform to discuss the key issues, challenges and way forward to build the Solar Power industy of eastern and central region


Exhibitiors Profile :

  1. Solar Panel/PV
  2. PV Manufacturing Equipmet, Materials, Components & Supplies
  3. Solar Thermal Technologies
  4. PV Installations
  5. Systems/Equipment
  6. Integration and Automation Technologies & Supplies


Product Categories :

  1. PV Cells and Modules
  2. Cells
  3. Modules
  4. Thin Film


PV Wafers, Materials and Equipment :

  1. Equipment: Ingots and Wafers
  2. Equipment:Feedstock: Polysilicon, UMG
  3. Equipment: Cells
  4. Equipment: Modules
  5. Equipment: Thin Film
  6. Equipment: Integration and Automation
  7. Equipment: Inspection and Metrology
  8. Materials: Ingots, Wafers
  9. Materials: Feedstock: Polysilicon, UMG
  10. Materials: Consumables (Pastes, Wire)
  11. Materials: Gasses, Liquid Chemicals
  12. Materials: Solar Glass, Encapsulation


PV Balance of Systems (BOS) :

  1. Inverters
  2. Measurement and Control Technology
  3. Chargers and Batteries


PV Components, Tracking and Mounting Systems :

  1. Cables, Connectors and Junction Boxes
  2. Tracking Systems
  3. Mounting Systems
  4. Installation Aids


PV Applications :

  1. Off-grid Systems
  2. Rooftop Systems
  3. Power Plants (Commercial, Utility-scale)
  4. BIPV
  5. Solar Thermal
  6. Manufacturing Machinery and Equipment
  7. Automation
  8. Materials
  9. Production Machinery
  10. Solar Glass
  11. Solar Thermal Applications
  12. Solar Thermal Technology
  13. Services
  14. Consulting
  15. Engineering, Procurement and
  16. Construction (EPC)
The Knowledge sharing programme will include scientific and practical conference that will cover the key issues in the sphere of Solar industry. The official programme of the event will include conference, workshop and discussions on ‘Solar Industry trends in India'. 

Experts in their respective fields will share their expertise and experiences with delegates paving the way for a lively interaction. This seminar will take a close look at the latest developments in the global and regional Solar industry covering a wide range of topics on Solar, PV and technological developments etc.,. Conference Date: 28th September 2013

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