Make Olympics  Manufacturing Challenge

Make Olympics Manufacturing Challenge


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About The Event

IIITDM Kancheepuram in association with ECNCSHOP brings to you the MAKE-OLYMPICS competition. This  competition is aimed at testing the manufacturing skills of participants.


Manufacturing skills are very essential to bring a product to the market and have the “First Mover” advantage. Today open source designs and instructions are available online for building almost any hardware product in sites like,, Thingiverse etc.

But efficient manufacturing skills are required to practically manufacture and bring the product to market keeping in mind various aspects like materials, manufacturing process, cost, energy efficiency, environmental friendliness, short production time, customisation, aesthetics etc.,

A bug in a software product can be solved online with a new version release at zero cost. But a defect in a hardware product is difficult to rectify and can cost millions of dollars. Hence systematic practice in hardware design and prototyping is required at a student level to become a successful hardware engineer.

Scope and Deliverable

1. Prototyping Competition

Participants may take part individually or  form a team and  team should build working models/prototypes of any product of interest. They need to send photos & videos of the working prototype along with a brief report on the project/ product.

Any project/product from the following site can be chosen :

A minor design / feature improvement on the published project is expected from the team. But the main emphasis is on testing the manufacturing & prototyping skills of the participants. A “working” prototype carries the maximum weightage in evaluation.

With the advent of digital manufacturing machines like 3D printers, CNC mill/routers, CNC LASER machines, it is easier than ever to prototype products quickly.

In case of non-availability of these digital manufacturing tools, students can use online services like, etc.

Students have to build a prototype of any product. Atleast some part should have been manufactured using Digital manufacturing tools like CNC, 3D printer etc. Students should bring the prototypes and exhibit at the venue on 15th December, 2016.  Best prototypes will be awarded. The details of the prizes are

First price : Rs. 10000
2nd price: Rs. 5000
3rd price : Rs. 2500





2. Onsite-competition

In addition to the this, an onsite manufacturing skills competition will also be conducted at the conference venue on December 15, 2016.

There will be a short training program for first 3 hours from 9.30 am. Follwed by the training, a competition will be held in the afternoon.

Participation in the training & competition is free for the teams who have built a prototype for the first competition, and submitted details by 11th December. For other teams, there will be registration charges of Rs.300 per participant. This includes access to the training and the competition. Participants are expected to form a team of 3-4 students and this will be a team competition.

Travel, Accommodation and other competition related expenses will not be provided by the organisers and may not be allowed to participate in the conference without an appropriate conference registration in that category.

Prize details of the onsite competition are

First price : Rs. 10000
2nd price: Rs. 5000
3rd price : Rs. 2500

Details of the competition tasks will be available from SVP Lasers Pvt. Ltd., on the day of the event. Please follow their Facebook page for more details.



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