Hues of Watercolor 6th Edition by Shri. Vasudeo Kamath

Hues of Watercolor 6th Edition by Shri. Vasudeo Kamath


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About The Event

VASUDEO KAMATH,Born 1956. After receiving G.D.Art in painting from Sir J.J. school of Art Mumbai 1977 in first class first with distinction and GOLD medal, he continued his art journey through painting portraiture, landscapes, meaningful conceptual and subjective paintings. He has had many worthy solo exhibitions and also participated in major art society shows. He has bagged many prestigious awards. To name a few 'Annual Art Exhibition-'GOLD Medal', Bombay Art Society- 'GOLD Medal', 'The Draper Grand Prize by portrait society of America',Salon international ,San Diego water colour society and many more . He works in all mediums and equally master in handling water colors with its nature of flow and transparency. Besides landscapes and portraits Vasudeo paints the visions of his innerself. These visions are conceived from innocent curiosity of a child at one level and at the other, from saintly wisdom of a profound thinker. His conceptual paintings are representations of the deep rooted subconscious of mankind.

About the watercolor workshop: 

Watercolor painting is considered as a master medium. On that point is something about watercolor that attracts everyone’s wide interest. The watercolor painting can serve the magic from spilled wet wash to detailed dry brush effect which no other medium can.

Artists put his emotions into the painting where the pigments of watercolor play its major role in delivers the output. In this HOW6 workshop, the artist puts his thoughts on ‘Why Watercolor?’ through his demos with the landscape, mythical (conceptualized) art, portrait and other similar topics.

Watercolor is such a medium, which may appear simple in execution; but, the same take years to be perfect.

This is a 2-day watercolor workshop for intermediate to advanced skill levels. Lessons & exercises are designed to expand and improve watercolor painting skills. Watercolorists will be encouraged to become more “intuitive” when applying brush to paper.

Come prepared for this watercolor workshop to be nudged out of your “comfort zone”.


Materials recommended:


12 x 16 Arches Watercolor Block – 140# cold press or 2 sheets   22×30 Arches Watercolor paper – 300 cold press.

Note:  If you opt to use 300# cold press, you will need a rigid support such as a piece of foam  we will be providing this.

*Brushes:  We will be working with 1″ flat wash and Rounds # 8, 12, 16, plus a #2 Liner or “rigger”.

*Palette:  Any palette that has at least 12 wells for color and a large mixing area for big puddles of color

*Paint:  Bring what you have to include a good selection of colors  – a warm & cool each of red, yellow and blue, burnt Sienna, Sap Green, Yellow Ochre.


Others items:

5×7 or 6×8 sketchbook for  value sketches & color notes

Quart-size Water container

pencil & soft eraser

low-tac painter’s tape 1/2″

Box of Tissues

Roll Paper Towels

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