How I got 31,000 connections on Linkedin And How You Can Too

How I got 31,000 connections on Linkedin And How You Can Too


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About The Event

Do you know who started Apple with Steve Jobs ? Most people don t 

Do you know who is the pioneer of emotional intelligence ? Most people don t . They think it was Daniel Goleman 

Do you know who is the first mind map trainer in India ? Most people don ' t . They think it was Dharmendra Rai but that ' s wrong . Even I don t know who was the first  


What makes these otherwise brilliant people such losers ? Lack of networking ! 

It does nt matter how brilliant you are or how hard you work . If you don t understand networking only your mom will love you 


I ve mastered it & I can train you 

Most trainers train on subjects that they know nothing about . Most trainers don t have any achievements in their area of training . I am different . I am going to train you on how to crack the code of success on Linkedin & I ve done it myself ! 


I have over 31,000 direct connections on Linkedin & I can train you to get that & to get business out of your connections 


Content ( Subject to change without notice ) 

- Do some serious thinking about what you want to be known for ie how you want to position yourself in the world . What do you want ppl to think when they think about you . If you are not associated with something unique & valuable , you re just wasting time . What are some of the unbreakable rules you need to follow that have been adapted from the world s biggest brands ?

- What is the role of social media in your life  ? Is it just a cute tool or is it like oxygen ? What should it be ?

- What should your profile pic look like ? 

- Should you be smiling ?

- What should your punchline be ?

- What should you mention in your details ?

- How you do maximise the utility of recommendations & endorsements ?

- Which groups should you join & how do you use them ?

- How do you create interest in your posts & publications ?

- How do you seek business from your connections ?

- How do you communicate with your contacts off Linkedin ?

- How do you integrate offline & online networking ?

- How much time should you spend on Linkedin ?

Trainer - Dharmendra Rai


Who MUST attend :

People seeking greater corprorate & business success 

Venue : 


Timings : 

9.30 am - 6.00 pm 


Bring Along :

Pen & Paper 


Regular Pricing : 


Rs 13,000 + ST

Special Introductory Pricing

Rs 9,000 + ST


N B : 




1 ) Lunch will not be provided. Attendees may bring their own food or visit a restaurant in the lunch break




2 ) There are no discounts. Discount seekers please excuse 




3 ) Spot payment is strictly not allowed   



Seats filling fast ! Book NOW to avoid disappointment !



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