Virtual Live Hobby School Session - Guitar Basics

Virtual Live Hobby School Session - Guitar Basics


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About The Event

Who are We?
        We realise that life is hectic and can get boring or monotonous at times, with all the work we do to fill our bank accounts. If only you had an option to do something more fulfilling during your free time, to fill your Heart with joy instead. We at Hobby School believe that we might just have the answer to your problem. Through our Live Virtual Video Sessions, we help you get reintroduced or just started with a Hobby that you always wanted to pursue. We want you to do more of what you love, without the hassles and efforts it takes to even get started.
What is this Session about?
         Ever idolised a Rock Star playing their guitars like its a part of their soul? Well, if you too ever want to express yourself that way, you first need to learn to play a guitar. We've found the perfect Guitar professional who can help you and a few limited others with the Basics over a Google Hangout Session. Maybe you'll find out Guitars are not for you, maybe you'll get to know a few more like minded people or maybe you'll just love the experience of doing something so random. Who knows unless you try it!
The Topics we hope to cover over the 1.5 Hour Google Hangout Session are as follows:
  1.  Types of Guitars
  2. Right way to hold a Guitar
  3. Tuning your Guitar
  4. Picking and Strumming Patters
  5. Strumming a E and A chords
  6. Playing a basic tune with the chords you learn.
We will end the session with you being able to play a simple tune on your guitar, so that you can show off later.
Who will be teaching?
          Our Lead Rock Star Facilitator for the session will be Samuel from Hyderabad. Samuel has lived the life of a Musician all his life. His deep passion for the guitar, lead him to learn the instrument at the age of 8 and has not stopped ever since. He is Song Writer, Music Composer and a part time Guitar Trainer. Above all, he is just a fun guy and loves meeting new interesting people.
Venue: Google Hangout
Duration: 1.5 Hours
Prerequisites to attend the Session: 
  1. One Guitar (if you are interested a rented guitar can be provided at your door step)
  2. One Guitar Pick
  3. Webcam
  4. Internet Access
  5. Gmail Account
  6. Laptop/Desktop 
  7. Willingness to meet new People

   If you do not have a guitar right now, do not worry, drop us a message on our facebook page and we will provide you with a rented guitar at your door step.

[P.S only limited number of guitars are available on rent so please hurry up]


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