Happiness Program- Art of Living

Happiness Program- Art of Living


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About The Event

Most people want to fix the outside rather than handling the mind, because that's  the easy way.

In conflict we change friends, relocate to newer places, find new relationships, change guides & sometimes subjects too.

Is there a possibility to empower the the mind  and handle situations?

What does the mind seek?

Where is the mind?

How to relax an intangible mind?

The secret to handle the mind is in the "Breath".

Over 40 million people worldwide have benefited from the Foundation's programs which teach simple yet powerful techniques for reducing stress, anxiety, and fear, while increasing the potential for clarity, joy, and inner peace. Participants will experience the breath as a fundamental tool to unlocking a happier, more relaxed state of being with higher levels of awareness, focus and clarity. We will learn how to increase energy levels that results in increased productivity.

Watch the video to listen to the experiences:-Experience Sharing 

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