BIG DATA HADOOP Online Training

BIG DATA HADOOP Online Training


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About The Event

Big Data Hadoop Online Training

Introduction to Hadoop

The Apache Hadoop software is a framework that allows for the
distributed processing of large data sets across clusters using
simple programming models relies on a parallel file system. HDFS
File system allow user applications to associate additional
metadata with a file. It has shell which support for interacting
with extended attributes. Yarn support operations and store
generic and application specific information. Big Data Hadoop
online training curriculum designed to explain the concepts of
HDFS and will teach to enhance how to write map reduce
programs and Implementing HBase.

Techverze is the reputed e-learning platform for Hadoop Online Training where students can master data governance. It is a specialized interfaces that further leverage the metadata to help you more work effectively.

Course Curriculum

Unit 1: Basics of Hadoop:
•Motivation for Hadoop
•Large scale system training
•Survey of data storage literature
•Literature survey of data processing
•Networking constraints
•New approach requirements
Unit 2: Basic concepts of Hadoop
•What is Hadoop?
•Distributed file system of Hadoop
•Map reduction of Hadoop works
•Hadoop cluster and its anatomy
•Hadoop demons
•Master demons
•Name node
•Tracking of job
•Secondary node detection
•Slave daemons
•Tracking of task
•HDFS(Hadoop Distributed File System)
•Spilts and blocks
•Input Spilts
•HDFS spilts
•Replication of data
Unit 3: Hadoop administration
•Setup of Hadoop cluster of Cloud era, Apache, Green plum, Horton works
•On a single desktop, make a full cluster of a Hadoop setup.
•Configure and Install Apache Hadoop on a multi node cluster.
•In a distributed mode, configure and install Cloud era distribution.
•In a fully distributed mode, configure and install Hortom works distribution
•In a fully distributed mode, configure the Green Plum distribution.
•Monitor the cluster
Unit 4: Hadoop Development :
Writing a MapReduce Program
Sample the mapreduce program.
API concepts and their basics
Driver code
Hadoop AVI streaming
Performing several Hadoop jobs
Configuring close methods
Sequencing of files
Record reading
Record writer
Reporter and its role
Output collection
Assessing HDFS
Tool runner
Use of distributed CACHE
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