Green Galatta - Plants Workshop-5th Nov

Green Galatta - Plants Workshop-5th Nov


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About The Event

Green Galatta

 Green Galatta is a workshop that lets children explore the world of 

 plants through art. Children will make natural dyes from plants, 

 observe and appreciate the variety in leaves by making a bingo game 

 with them. They will make a mural of a garden to understand the kinds 

 of plants and their interrelationship. Children will also explore 

 their relationship with plants through this exercise. They will make 

 simple experiments to understand the color behavior of leaves. All 

 this while having Fun! This workshop is for children of 6+ years.


 Date & Time:

Saturday 5th Nov,10:30 am -12:00 pm



 Age Group: 

4 to 7 years



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