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About The Event


The popularity and awareness of 3D Printing is exploding. It is breaking down barriers in design and manufacturing, and making what was previously impossible, possible for anyone with just a basic understanding of the technology. Yes guys! Now you can make any solid objects by just a device connected to your computer!


This seminar is exclusively for beginners who don't know anything or little about 3D Printing and want to get complete knowledge on 3D printing with Live Demos.
They will give you detailed understanding by 3D Printing and 3D Scanning live and will provide exposure to the main facets of 3D Printing including 3D Scanning, 3D Modelling using a design software, preparing or slicing the file for 3D print using a 3D printing software and 3D printing it. And finally a big QnA solving all your queries like how expensive is this? What 3D Printer is best for you? What are all the ways you can use a 3D Printer? How many colors and materials you can use in your 3D Printer? How you can start a business with this technology, etc

Who can attend?

Anybody! No limitations like age, gender, domain
You may be a school kid who want to make your own toys, higher class student who wants to make 3D Print for your science project, an engineering student who wants to give shape to your project ideas, medical students or doctors to study the structures of human parts and want to do a mock surgery by 3D Prints, architects who want to show their plans as 3D structures instead of 2D lines in a paper or finally a aspiring entrepreneur who want to make business with this technology.

What you should bring?

Nothing! Walk in free hand!
Notepad, pen, software and materials will be provided by them during the workshop.

Come, experience and explore 3D printing.

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