Issac IT Labs Winter Training and Internship Program on Android Application Development at Delhi

Issac IT Labs Winter Training and Internship Program on Android Application Development at Delhi



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About The Event

Workshop Details:
The Winter Training cum Internship Program is a fast paced internship and training program for engineering students to explore and learn android application development at a lightning pace! This is the program where learning happens not by listening, but by doing! Each participant will develop different applications using different libraries in android. The program is going to be fast, exhaustive, challenging and fun at the same time.

Workshop Content:

  1. Introduction to Mobile Application Development
  2. Role of Android in mobile industry
  3. Introduction to Android SDK and its setup
  4. Building the Application Framework
  5. Designing User Interfaces
  6. Activities, Services, Intents, Broadcast Receivers
  7. Resources, Menus, Content Providers, Dialogs, Notifications
  8. Working with Data, Multimedia, Location
  9. Publishing the developed application into Play Store

Highlights of the program:

  1. Interactive lecture sessions
  2. Encourages participants to think and come up with new application ideas
  3. Group discussions to encourage innovation
  4. Opportunity for online examination and certification
  5. Certificates issued to all participants
  6. Good multimedia content to help students grasp the material easily
  7. Career guidance by experienced faculty


  1. Certificates given to participants from Issac IT Lab Solutions LLP Ltd
  2. Certificate of Participation to all the participants

Benefits to the Participants

  1. Participation & Merit certificates given to participants from Issac IT Lab Solutions LLP Ltd.
  2. Improved job opportunities in IT Sector
  3. Exposure to industry
  4. Face job interviews with confidence
  5. Opportunity to interact with IIT Kanpur alumni to discuss career options


  1. Enthusiasm to learn about new technologies
  2. Basic knowledge about using computers
  3. Basic knowledge on Programming

*Each participant should bring his/her own laptop



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