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About The Event

MCN Professionals offers a free Workshop on Android in Noida, for Students & Professionals.


This 3.5 hours workshop will be held on Saturday, October 8th from 9:30 AM to 2:00 PM 

Module 1

How to Start in Coding

  • Understanding the inner Concept of Coding
    • Getting the deep idea in types of coding
    • Understanding different architectural designs

  • Working with Architectures ?
    • What are algorithms ?
    • How to use pre Build Alogorithm?
    • Building your own according to project scenario
    • How to deal with the project architecture ?
    • Implementing Logic with deep understanding 

  • Working with different type of coding languages
    • Working with Low Level languages
    • Working with Mid level Languages
    • Working with High level languages

  • Understanding OS code Readability
    • Understanding Compilers
    • Understanding Interpreters

  • Current scenarios in coding
    • Robustness
    • Speed of code
    • Security points

  • Future of different type of coding practices
    • Mobility
    • Architectural
    • IOT

  • Deal with third party
    • Working with third Party API
    • Working with third Party SDK’s
    • Working with third party architectures
    • Create your own architecture

Module 2

  • Introduction of Android
    • Introduction to Mobile computing
    • History of development of android
    • What is Android?
    • Benefits of choosing android
    • All layers of android with architectural information
    • Android features and collaborations
    • Android market in world

  • Coding Features
    • Important aspects while coding with android
    • Process and Security in android
    • Synchronization with different working threads

  • Installation and knowledge of working environment
    • Downloading the software with the IDE
    • Configuring the Android SDK with the Android Studio IDE
    • Understanding the features of Android Studio
    • Working with gradle and understanding its concepts

  • Start Building apps
    • How to select application levels for different level of users
    • Steps to create an android project with things to choose
    • Running process of basic apps

  • Basic principles of an Android Application
    • What is Content Provider
    • What is Broadcast Receiver
    • Working with manifest file

  • Android Views, Layout and Design Aspects
    • What are Views?
    • Working with Predefined views
    • What are Layouts?

  • Sensors with Android
    • What are Sensors?
    • Different Types of Sensors


About Trainer 

Divy Dhiman

Divy Dhiman is an Android expert and Java developer. He is currently working on a research project on Eye Recognition patterns, in collaboration with Google. With over 5 years of extensive development experience after an engineering degree, Divy’s rich skill-set includes UI/UX designing, Android Application development, Java Development, IoT applications development, Google AdSense, AdMob, RevMob etc. He has been contributing to developers’ community from a very long time, now and is a recognized name of the industry.


For bulk or corporate booking please contact us: contact@mcnprofessionals.com or +919899564140.

Note: In case of any ticket cancellation, no refund will be granted.

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