FemaPalooza 29th September

FemaPalooza 29th September


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About The Event

FemaPalooza is an evening for the women by the women! Ladies Comedy evening with an all female lineup,except the host, who is a charming young man.
Note: All comics are single and ready to mingle. 
Date: 29th September
Time: 8:00pm 
Venue: The Jeff Goldberg Studio
Tickets Rs 250
All Female Comediennes & a hot sexy host.
Host Kabir Chandra
Special Acts
Jeeya Sethi
Pavitra Shetty
Kabir Chandra
Sales head for one of the country's leading music labels, Kabir also has been a radio jockey in his past avatars and responsible for being and honing some of India's very best on-air talent. He has been a theatre artist since his teens and a college stage sensation having won multiple awards for street plays from a early age. He is now among the most emerging voices in stand up comedy in the city and a seasoned improvizer.
Jeeya Sethi
Jeeya believes if you are fat once(by fat she means FAAAAT) you are fat forever, mentally you never become thin even after losing all the weight. An event manager turned stand-up comedian, improviser and actor. she has made entertainment her new life's mission since nothing else is going for her!
Pavitra Shetty
Pavitra Shetty is an undiscovered singer, upcoming stand-up artist and reportedly also a girl. To prove this, she has recently started a tag-team called The Sidechicks providing a disturbing look at what girls with unlimited WiFi connections can do. The biggest inspirations for her stand-up are her Mom, random aunts who keep visiting her place and her very own weighing scale. Pictured here with her second Chalta Hai Comedy Slammy Award that she won against ten other lukkhas who really need to man up, Pavvy is also part of hit Chlata Hai shows Dame Funny and Undateable. And she has an unnaturally high number of best friends who insisted she get a new bio.

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