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About The Event

Darshan Dixit

The workshop is designed for photographers to understand fashion photography and enhance their photo shoots to deliver amazing pictures. Fashion is much more than glossy magazines and designer labels. Explore the nuances of a misunderstood discipline and examine it through the lens of irony and the human condition. Discover how to translate a portrait into an iconic fashion image. Aesthetics are at the forefront of any fashion portrait. An image must be highly polished and refined. Learn to identify the essence of the story behind the portrait through clothing, gesture, and expression.

Styling Techniques
Color Co-ordination
Usage of Props and Accessories
Photography lighting techniques
Demo Fashion shoot with live model
Use of Reflectors
Using fill in flash
Picture composition
Foreground composition
Selecting a background
Rules of photography

What equipment will you need?
Don't rush out and buy the latest camera; bring along what you've already got and we'll show you how to get the most out of it. Whether you're using a self-built camera or the latest state-of-the-art technology, with the right technique you'll be producing sensational results in no time. All you need is a love of photography and a desire to learn; we'll do the rest

Our Ethos
More than anything else, photography is fun; all our activities are designed to bring people together in an environment which stimulates discussion, interaction and creativity. Come along to one of our sessions and we guarantee that you'll meet plenty of kindred spirits, learn new skills and leave with some incredible images.

Our Themes
To capture that perfect image, you'll need the right concept with the right models, make-up and styling, all brought together using clever lighting techniques to create the mood. With a little help from our friends in the industry, our workshop will cover all of these areas.

Note: Each student will receive a participation certificate.

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