Explore GNOSIS - The lost link between Science and Spirituality

Explore GNOSIS - The lost link between Science and Spirituality


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About The Event

Gnosis means knowledge and refers specifically to the intuitive and inner wisdom that is revealed to us when we reach insight about life.

We welcome you to our series of free esoteric lectures at Soul Centric Wellness, in Greater Kailash Part II, beginning May 10th. We invite anyone and everyone who wants to get practical insights into profound spiritual topics, know more about life and death, and practice deep meditations.

About the Speaker: Thomas Nilsson, born and raised in Sweden, has been working, for the past 15 years, together with his wife Guillermina Nilsson as a mental coach and imparting lectures and courses on Geophilosophy, anthropology and psychological development, especially in Sweden, Mexico and Guatemala. He has also travelled around the world to impart conferences and lectures at international congresses and symposiums. He has made personal researches on different cultures such as the Mayan, the Aztec, the Egyptian the Tibetan, etc., comparing and searching for the common and universal root of knowledge that bind the collective essence of human thinking together.

For the moment he is working for AGEAC India in New Delhi together with his wife. AGEAC is a non-profit organization that offers courses on Geophilosophy and personal development. More information visit: www.ageac.org/en.



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