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About The Event

"Activity before Concept, Concept before Vocabulary". That is how one should learn science. Selected 25 experiments/activities from the syllabus of physics, chemistry, and biology for the class 10th to help students learn science through experiments.   

You will conduct a variety of experiments from your syllabus like:

  1. Different types of reactions - decomposition, precipitative, exothermic, double displacement, single displacement,…
  2. The reaction of metals with acids.
  3. The reaction of metals with salts - reactivity series
  4. Dehydration of ethanol to give ethene.
  5. The reaction of Sodium Hydroxide on salts of Ca, Fe, Cu, Zn, and Pb.
  6. Electrolysis of water
  7. Electroplating with copper.
  8. The reaction of HCl with metal, their oxides, hydroxides, nitrate, sulphates and sulphites.
  9. Laws of refraction (prism/slab) and reflection(depth)
  10. Correcting the defects in vision.
  11. Image formation by the convex mirror and concave mirror.
  12. Impact of filters on the intensity of components of light
  13. Measuring the resistance of wires of different materials and sizes and heating effect
  14. Measuring voltage and current of resistors set in parallel and series.
  15. Magnetic field around current carrying conductor and coil.
  16. Current carrying conductor in a magnetic field.
  17. Wireless transfer of electricity.
  18. Designing a pulley system with different configurations and finding their Mechanical Advantage and Velocity Ratios.
  19. Observing stomata of different types of the plant under the microscope
  20. Role of light in photosynthesis. Measuring the CO2 and O2 during the photosynthesis process using sensors.
  21. Effect of salivary amylase on starch
  22. Meitosis cell division
  23. Cell division in yeast - ability to use starch vis-à-vis sugar during fermentation.
  24. Making plastic from milk
  25. Finding effectiveness of different antiseptics and disinfectants

Demonstration of:

  1. Refraction and reflection is a colloidal solution
  2. Respiration in germinating seeds
  3. The reaction of alkaline potassium permanganate with alcohol
  4. The reaction of ethanoic acid and ethanol with Conc. H2SO4
  5. Effect of eddy current on rotating disc.   

When you go back to your classroom, you would find understanding the concept easier, you would learn it faster, better, and forever.

Number of experiments: 25

Duration:  6 days, 4-hour session each day.  

For Whom: Ideal for students going to 10th grade in the next academic session. 



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