Exhibition - Japanese Design Today 100

Exhibition - Japanese Design Today 100


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The Exhibition “Japan Design Today 100” will be held in the three major cities including Delhi. The design of household items acts as a mirror that reflects our lifestyle. This exhibition introduces 90 designs for household items that were produced during the 1990s, and 13 others, in which we see the roots of contemporary design, from the postwar Japan of the 1950s. Visit the exhibition and feel the sense of Japanese design !

Japanese Design Today 100 shoots a glance at the achievements, past and present, of the country's design leaders.

Held by the Japan Foundation, the exhibition will feature the finest of Japanese design of household products from the 1990s to present-day, reflecting the society and times in which they were created; and how society's people and culture greatly influenced the designs, which can be found in traces of each product.

Visitors will learn about recent trends and characteristics of Japanese design, and will gain insight into the nature of contemporary Japanese culture.

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