Emotional and Social Intelligence

Emotional and Social Intelligence


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About The Event

A comprehensive skill building workshop on the what, why & how of managing expectations, emotions & stress.


  • Understand & internalize that stress is not a choice, but a consequence; that it cannot be avoided but can be managed.
  • Learn to cultivate new and strengthen existing relationships by managing implicit and explicit expectations.
  • Identify the difference between taking your work seriously and taking yourself seriously.
  • Develop the skill of saying a 'no' without harming the relationship.
  • Become aware of our individual and collective conditioning, triggers and learn to dissolve them.
  • Become more emotionally intelligent by increasing your field of self-awareness and identifying neuroses & blind spots.
  • Be able to receive and offer feedback with equilibrium and poise whilst maintaining self-esteem - both of self and others.
  • Handle difficult professional & personal relationships with a mix of assertiveness and pacing.
  • Create an internal framework to deal with emotions - one that is unique, authentic, personal and effective in your context.
  • Understand that you are a witness & gain greater control by learning to appreciate the transience, complexity & impermanence of everything.
  • Improve the quality of consciousness by understanding brain theory and the process of habit formation.
  • Use tools & inventories to evaluate the present competency level and chart the path towards the desired level.


Day 1

Context Setting

  • Understanding the Brain & the Process of Habit formation.
  • Introducing Emotional & Social Intelligence.

Five essential Principles

  • Delaying Gratification
  • Suspending Judgement
  • Managing Expectations
  • Living in the Present
  • Focusing on the How(s)

Transactional Analysis as a Tool

  • Parennt Ego State
  • Adult Ego State
  • Child Ego State

Stokes & Self esteem

Action Palnning

  • identify three clea competencies to be worked upon.
  • Mkae a specific and measurable list of 'to-do' things with deadlines.
  • Do a round fees forward with the other Participants of the workshop.



A one-day experiential workshop on the what, how & why of Managing expectations,emotions & stress. it is easy and inevitable to lose touch with the inner self and going off balance in the humdrum of everyday life. To lose sight of that which is important in the daily hunt for all things legitimately urgent. The good news is loosing it is the key to understanding and appreciating it. The even better news is lost can be found again.



The Pedagogy adopted is a proven and powerful mix of concepts,experiential learning and real time skill building. The internet is littered with an endless stream of 'secrets' & 'tips' on how to tell a great story.well. the secret is that there is no secret. What works Phenomenally well for one person simply doesn't cut it for someone else. The idea is to identify and build on one's own strengths and consciously and consistently work on development areas.



Because while Intelligence Quotient is essential to make a living,Emotional Quotient(EQ) helps you 'get' a life. Because the ability to be aware of one's own emotions and be sensitive to those of others is the cornerstone of great relationships. Because emotional and social intelligence is a skill set that is intrinsic to the pursuit of balance,equanimity, harmony and sense of general well being. Because while material objects come with instruction manuals, people don't.



Individuals desirous of building a deeper,intimate and meaningful relationship with themselves and others. Professionals who manage teams & have to work closely with people to achieve their goals. Those of us who wish to handle difficult relationships - develop the skill of saying a 'no without harming a relationship - with equanimity and poise. People having the willingness and looking for the skill set to manage expectations,emotions and stress.

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