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For the 52nd Time echoVME is organizing its successful Facebook Marketing Workshop in Mumbai. This time it is happening on 7th April 2013. The Registration fees for the workshop is Rs. 4,899 if booked

52nd Facebook Marketing Workshop in Mumbai


  • Mumbai Facebook Marketing Workshop | 7th April 2013 | echoVME

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About The Event


For the 52nd Time echoVME is organizing its successful Facebook Marketing Workshop in Mumbai. This time it is happening on 7th April 2013. The Registration fees for the workshop is Rs. 4,899 if booked before 2nd April 2013, you can avail Early Bird Offer for 10%. All participants attending the workshop will be provided with a certification bestowing him/her with the global credential of SocialMedia Enthusiast. 

The One day workshop includes: Workshop materials, WiFi, Lunch, 2 times Tea & Coffee. 

Agenda of the workshop: (From Basics to Advanced Facebook Marketing)

Session 1: Basics of Social Media

  • Understanding your knowledge of Social Media
  • Understanding Social Media Marketing using Piggy Banking Theory
  • Understanding Different Social Media Channels and How can it Benefit you on the Whole 
    • Pinterest | Google+ | Slideshare | YouTube | Blog | LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook  | Foursquare | Instagram
  • Understanding difference between ‘Social Media Publishing and Social Networking Tool'
  • Tools that suits best for B2B and B2C.
  • 3 Important Steps Involved in Strategic Social Media Marketing
  • 5 Reasons Why Social Media Is Growing in India
  • Understanding of Social Media Business Ecosystem – How can you fit Social Media from different business perspective – Lead Generation, Branding, Recruitment, Public Relations, Innovation in Marketing and more.
  • Global and National facts of Social Media


Session 2: Introduction to Facebook Marketing - Redefining Your Marketing Skills

  • Where is Facebook heading towards?
  • Paradigm Shift: from Google to Facebook to Google+
  • How Facebook is replacing websites.
  • Difference between Facebook Business Page and Profile
  • Setting Facebook objectives for Business.


Session 3: Establishing Your Facebook Presence

  • Practical Hands on "How to create Successful Business Page on Facebook"
  • How to customize Tabs on Facebook Page
  • On-Gate & Off-Gate welcome practices.
  • How to integrate your Blog, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube channel with Facebook Business Page.
  • How to add a lead generation form on your Facebook Business page to attract information from prospects.
  • Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook Business Page creation practices.
  • Explore ways to promote your Facebook Fan Page – (Advertisements, Suggest Friends, Promote the links, Upload Contacts, Press Release, Integrating it with Traditional Marketing, Experiential Marketing)


Session 4: Facebook Advertising – How to Generate Leads Using Facebook Advertisements

  • How is Facebook Advertisement different from other Form of Advertising
  • Setting Objectives for Facebook Advertisement – Driving Traffic / Increase Page Likes
  • Practical Hands on "How to create Ads for your brand"
  • How to define your Target Audience on Facebook
  • How to create a Facebook advertisement
  • Importance of right choice of image for advertisements.
  • Importance of value based and call to action – 90 characteristics content
  • Different between CPC and CPM Model
  • Exploring Facebook Advertisements Dashboard.
  • Using Facebook Power Tool for Advertisements to advertise on the Feed wall & mobile Facebook users.
  • Different between Sponsored Stories and Targeted Ads.
  • Facebook Ads for Retargeting: How to reach out to Facebook Audience using Email Addresses (to the existing database your company already owes or to the lead generated via Facebook Ads)
  • Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook Advertising.


Session 5: Importance of Content and Varieties of Content

  • 25 to 50 different ways to engage audience on Facebook Marketing with Case Studies
  • Importance of Crowdsourcing on Facebook.
  • Practical hands on creating engagement
  • Best and Worst practices of Facebook engagement.
  • Learn how to engage your community in order to make your brand go viral
  • Thinking of Facebook Extravaganzas – contests, applications based marketing.
  • Case Studies of awesome practices.


Session 6: Feedback Management

  • How to deal with Negative complaints on Facebook
  • Importance of being quick on response
  • Case Studies on Poorly Managed Online Reputation


Session 7: Further Discussion on Facebook Products 

  • Facebook Offers
  • Facebook Page Post Promotion  
  • How to make use of influencers’s profile to reach out to target audience 
  • Facebook Open Graph
  • Integrating Facebook with website / blog


Session 8: Facebook Insights

  • Understanding what your community enjoys on Facebook page
  • Understanding the demographic of the community members


Session 9: Evaluation of Activities Done & Certification 

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