Discover The Passion In You - New Year Special

Discover The Passion In You - New Year Special


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About The Event

 Do you know?

Even the king of the rat race is a 'Rat'. Don't fall into the trap!

Simply remember this - the day you stop running, is the day you win the race. Let 'Discover the Passion in You', be the force that thrusts you in the direction of your dreams.

What is special?
''The only way to do great work is to love what you do.'' - Steve Jobs

A funny situation we frequently see around us is that A is copying B, who is copying C, who is again copying D, who is ironically copying A. Sometimes you see Engineers becoming Doctors and Doctors becoming Accountants. Students are confused on what next after education; while Employees are looking out for change quite often! 

This workshop unravels series of steps you must take to discover your passion. It is something you already have inside of you. Its time to take your hobbies seriously because you can make a living by doing what you love to do in life. And that's possible.

Why you must attend? It will -

1.Enable you to "Find Your Passion"

2. Empower you to make a living, by doing what you love to do in life

3. Immensely boost your Happiness levels

If you dread the alarm clock every day, thinking 'Will I be doing the same job for next 30 - 40 years', you are in the wrong boat, moving in the wrong direction. Just FYI - stars will never be right nor will the signals turn green all at once! Right time is not after 5 or 10 years, but 'today'. Instead of partying on a weekend why not plan for a better future, so that you can party all your life.

Use the power of 'doing what you love to do in life' and 'find your passion'.

Who should attend?
- Do you feel disconnected with what you are doing in your life?
- Do you feel confused about your future?
- Do you feel you can make your life enriching?

If the answer to any of the above is 'Yes', the workshop is for you. If you have answered 'No' to all of the above questions, we would still love to meet you in our seminar and know your story.

It is time to graduate from 'University of Hard Knocks' to get an entry to 'University of Unlimited Success', by doing what you love to do in life.

We are excited to meet you.


About Nishit Lal, Motivational Speaker & Author

Imagine someone who couldn't stand reading, but has now authored three Success Books (Dance to the 7 Tunes of Success, JAICO, The Edge and Setbacks to Comebacks); Imagine someone weighing 260 pounds, who is now a Certified Yoga Professional (ask him for a demo when you meet him); Imagine someone who couldn't speak in public, now delivering workshops for World's top organizations; Imagine a guy next door overcoming his fears and finding his Passion. This is the story of Nishit. Experience his signature workshop DISCOVER THE PASSION IN YOU where he shares his personal story of transformation. If he can do it, you can do it too.


About Kanika Bansal, Image Consultant

 When style meets charisma, you feel excitement in the air. Kanika Bansal, a passionate HR professional who has interviewed thousands of applicants, shares the secrets of powerful networking, in her keynote speech.


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