Discover Scuba Diving @ Hyderabad

Discover Scuba Diving @ Hyderabad


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About The Event

Discover Scuba Diving : PADI’s most successful “intro to scuba” program- Pool Experience This is for Swimmers and non-swimmers Alike. pool diving gives the same thrill of being underwater and is for everyone above the age group of 10 and above If you have wondered what its like to be underwater, this is a great way to find out what scuba diving is really like before you take the full scuba certification course or plunge into open waters .


A definite step towards eventual certification, the DSD program is specifically designed for those who want a taste of Scuba at a larger level before they commit to a full-fledged Certification program. No swimming skills required again! 


Discover Scuba Diving is PADI's program that allows those interested in scuba diving to experience what it's like to dive by completing some basic training and completing one or more dives under the close, direct supervision of a dive instructor.


To make sure that you understand scuba safety you will start with a safety briefing from your instructor or by watching a short video and head to the pool right away to learn some basic skills that make your dive safer, and more enjoyable.


Get a full-on equipment familiarization and dive brief, understand basic Dive Theory and immerse into an hour long session involving getting comfortable, understanding the essential dive skills and techniques related to mask & breathing apparatus.


This will be an introductory session into the world of scuba diving! 


The syllabus n skills includes:


> Equipment familiarization 
> Basic underwater skills 
> Equipment assembly 
> Regulator recovery 
> Alternate air source stationary 
> Mask removal & replacement 
> Fin pivot (neutral buoyancy) 
> Underwater Exploration 


Regulator Clearing: You learn to take your regulator out of your mouth and put it back in underwater. 

Mask Clearing: How to clear your mask if water gets inside


Alternate Air Source Use: How to share air with your dive buddy in the case of an emergency.


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