Digital Post Processing Workshop, Bangalore

Digital Post Processing Workshop, Bangalore


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About The Event

Are you often intimidated by the words 'post processing'? 

Do you belabour how much processing to do, how to do it just right, and which is the best software application for your processing needs? Do you wonder how to turn the raw image on the left to the finished product on the right? 

If you do, the Digital Post Processing Workshop has not only all the answers to your questions, but also the key to unleashing your creativity. 


It's a popular truism that processing cannot make a bad picture good. But it's equally true that without tasteful enhancements, a good picture may remain mediocre. 

Appropriate processing can reveal the hidden beauty of your images and make them shine in flying colours. But processing can also be a labyrinth of jargon and software convolution. 

And so we present to you the Digital Post Processing Workshop, which is simply the best way known yet to man of demystifying the otherwise complex world of processing. 

Using Adobe Lightroom as the tool for instruction, it will let you unlock a new layer of your photography, sharpen your basics and elevate your levels of awareness, so you are sure to unmask the full potential of your images from the shadows of their current state! 

Whether you want to normalise your images to match the way the scene looked at the time of capture or enhance them to match your mind's grand vision, the Workshop will help you traverse the last mile in your journey towards imaging excellence and put your pixels firmly in your hands. 



    • A laptop computer with sufficiently well-specified hardware running Windows or Mac OS X with Adobe Lightroom (5.0 or later) installed (If you do not have a licenced copy of these applications, you may download trial versions for the Workshop. Assistance to do this will be provided upon registration.)
    • Some pictures you have shot, on a portable medium such as a pen drive or a compact disc, for processing demonstration and critiquen


    • Amateur or professional photographers with basic computer awareness seeking basic post-production image processing skills
    • Please note: This Workshop is not designed to train you on the basics of camera usage and photography. Please sign up for our Art and Science of Photography Workshop if you are not familiar with photography fundamentals.


  • Date: 10 December 2016
  • Time: 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  • Venue: Toehold Seminar Hall
                Jayanagar, Bangalore
  • Lunch and tea included.


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