Digital marketing course online by a global award winning digital marketing CEO, Mr.Ananthanarayanan V

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About The Event

Course Fees: Rs.7,500/- (Plus taxes)





  • DAY 1  - September 26th 2015 – 2pm to 5 pm (3 hours)
  • DAY 2 – September 27th 2015 – 2pm to 5 pm (3 hours)
  • Day 3 -  October 3rd  2015 - 2pm to 4 pm (2 hours)
  • Day 4 -  October 4th  2015 - 2pm to 4 pm (2 hours)
  • Day 5 – October 10th 2015 – 2pm to 5 pm (3 hours)
  • Day 6 – October 11th 2015 – 2pm to 5 pm (3 hours)


COURSE FEES: Rs.7,500/- (plus taxes)


Who will find this useful:

  • Sales and Marketing Professionals
  • Business Key decision makers
  • Influencer Marketing campaign organizers (Contest, Blogs, Vlogs) across social networking sites
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Digital marketing and social media professionals
  • Leadership, Branding, Trainers & Professional Coaching Experts
  • Those interested in the field of digital advertising, marketing, social media
  • Students planning to pursue a career in this field of Social media and digital marketing
  • SEO professionals, web designers, Professional Bloggers and Developers


Special Features of this training workshop program:

  • Latest Updated Content and focus on new age media processes in our agenda
  • Case study based approach
  • Focus on not merely tools but the idea behind “how-to” design, plan and execute a social media or digital marketing campaign as a Brand or a corporate professional
  • Projects and Assignments based on industry-scenario problems and campaign query support
  • Digital CERTIFICATE: A “Digital Marketing Professional Successful completion (A1)” Successful Completion Certificate
  • Professional ENDORSEMENT on your LinkedIn Profile from the trainer.


 What will you get in this Digital Marketing Master class

  • Live Instructor-led Sessions (16 hrs)
  • Exercise / assignment based on industry based Project scenarios
  • Q & A Support
  • LinkedIn Professional Endorsement
  • Digital Certificate of “Digital Marketing Professional Successful completion (L1)”
  • One Official Exam at the end of the course session with (Individual online) feedback of the same to each participant. 


What will be covered in the course: Course curriculum

  • How to decide which social media tools will be relevant for your business?
  • How to plan, design a Social Media Marketing campaign for a corporate Brand
  • How to plan for a ROI based digital marketing social media campaign?
  • How can LANDING Pages impact generating leads? 
  • Google Analytics Looking at the powerful Marketing side of it!
  • Google Adwords – How do you plan the conversions, CPC!
  • How to integrate Email marketing with Social media campaign?
  • SOCIAL MEDIA Calendar
  • Blogging: How to use a Blog site like wordpress to deliver and monetize for your brand?
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search engine optimization (SEO): What is SEO online and offline, some different types of using it for running adwords, lead redirects to the site etc effectively!
  • Can you really get powerful SEO results? How to begin, plan, keep track and improvise?
  • Twitter, using it like a PRO!
  • Facebook, if you are a brand, this is how you should be thinking and posting it.
  • YouTube: Advertising your videos, keywords, channels and Hosting it online!
  • Google Plus – The PLUS ONE, what it does for your Brand?
  • How to create Google Adwords, Facebook Ads - What to look for?
  • Customer acquisition cost, lifetime customer value and how do they affect your SALES using social media?
  • How to make your BRAND trend on Twitter? 
  • Social media policies which every brand should be aware of!
  • Social MEDIA BACK UP! When things …. Well, if they get out of hand!
  • Social Media Moderation – How to keep them at bay? You can’t or can you?
  • Brand Monitoring  - Is it really necessary?
  • Negative feedback – Handling it ONLINE!
  • How do you find out the FAKE followers from the real ones!
  • How to plan Social media contests?
  • Influencer marketing - What is it and how to use it for your Brand?
  • ASSIGNMENTS: Creating your own Digital marketing and social media campaigns.


For more details, Corporate and or bulk bookings reach us:+91-08097914439

Or Contact the Trainer:Ananth +91-09867154377

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Terms & Conditions

For queries and details: Please write to the Trainer directly:  In case of any change in schedule or time or dates, the same will be coordinated from the trainer to the participants in advance. Booking once done will not be refundable unless the course is cancelled completely from our end due to any unavoidable reason. In case you miss an online session, you can talk to the trainer and mutually work out a Special 30 minute LIVE video session as per mutually agreeable time and dates to cover the session that you have missed. Please note: The trainer is the Founder & CEO of an award winning Digital marketing agency and team and the idea behind this course is to share his knowledge on the subject gained from his experiences working with brands and industries across countries over the years. If you have any queries about the course at all, please feel free to email the trainer. Ensure to keep the course interaction and engagement professional at all times and also the interaction and respect the trainer and the other participant's time and space. We ensure to do the same. Have a great learning ahead.