Digital Marketing Certificate Workshop

Digital Marketing Certificate Workshop


About The Event

We are in the era of Digital Marketing....Did You know?


What is this?

An intitiative powered by Adathon Advertising & Software. This is to educate students on Digital Marketing and the role of digital marketing in shaping your careers. 

Why is this?

Companies are massively looking for graduates with Digital Marketing Knowledge which the outside world is not aware abut. We are still struck with our Fantasy of getting jobs in java,.net,c,c++ and many more. 

Instead of getting stuck here, we would explore the options on Digital Marketing.

Who is handling the workshop?

In order to vanish this ignorance, Mr.Krishna Chaitanya, an Ex-Googler is conducting a workshop on Digital Marketing.


Agenda Of the Workshop

1. To sweep out the ignorance about digital marketing

2. The career opportunities available in the market

3. How can SEO professionals earn more learning PPC

4. Throwing some light on the Google Adwords tool

5. Assessment

6. Giving Certificates for the future benefit of the audience.

Every marathon is run twice, once in your head , once in real.


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