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About The Event

This session is about to happen once again! 

This session is about to make you experience how dance and movement can offer healing effect on mind and body.

What you get out of this session?
Ans: You get to experience 3 hours of bliss. I can assure you that the state of your mind will completely change by the end of this session. No matter what state you come in, may be with a lot of stress, a lot of pain, or a lot of burden that life puts on everyone be it work related or family related or anything else; we will transform the state of your mind from this to nothingness and then to happiness. WE ARE DANCING, WE ARE MOVING!

How will this happen? Dance and movement can naturally produce many positive effects on the body and mind. This is what we want to experience in this session. You don't need to know any particular form of dancing to attend this session. You do not need to know how to dance. It is okay if you have never danced before. There is no structure to the kind of dance that we will be doing in this session. It will be a completely guided session and you will be explained what to do and how to do it. The exploration is open to general experience as the focus is to change the state of mind and body through dance and movement accompanied by music, lights and other elements present around.

There is a lot of activity that has happened in recent years with dance movement therapy. The session is partially along those guidelines but is not limited to the theory expressed under these terms. We will use elements of contact improvisation, dance meditation, laughter, mind and movement and many others in this session to experience bliss.


The session is limited to 24 attendees. There is online registration and ticketing for it. If you are coming, please register online soon to book your ticket. If you have questions, please reach me on 9820633374 (call or whatsapp). Registration price is variable and will keep going up as we get closer to the session date and as more people keep registering! Sooner you register, lesser you contribute. 



What to wear?

Ans:  Plain, comfortable clothing without buttons, hooks, zippers, belts (think track pants/ salwars/ slacks/plain cotton shorts and t-shirts/plain kurtas). Also, please avoid wearing belts, jewellery, especially around the neck, wrist and ankle, and also in your ears and nose (if possible). If you are wearing it while you come in, we will have to remove it during the dance. Small solid objects can be a safety hazard on the dance floor and cause injury to you and others. So, wear uncomplicated clothing for a safe dance movement experience! Please DO NOT dress up in formal clothing for the dance. DO NOT dress up like you are going to a club or disco or a formal dance party.

If you have questions, reach me at 9820633374 (call or whatsapp)

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