Conscious Upgrade Transmission Week

Conscious Upgrade Transmission Week


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About The Event

International author and Awakening Facilitator Sidra Jafri has transformed thousands of lives with her work. The Awakening Principles have brought great structural change, to which brings us to the next stages of our journey.  Conscious Upgrade is designed to further enhance our emotional, mental and spiritual bodies allowing for great successes in day to day life.

These four days are set to highlight and eliminate any undercurrent that is causing disempowerment, friction or any sabotage in the manifestation of your goals. Throughout the four days you will learn the truth behind your financial challenges and how to take practical steps to improve your finances on Abundance day.

The real reason of all the relationships in your life allowing you to resolve relationship conflicts from the core to bring harmony in all aspects on Love Day. The understanding of your true purpose and calling; giving you practical steps to build a team together to support your purpose in life. The reasons of all your sabotages, procrastinations, low energy and lack of will power. You will integrate true ownership of your destiny by claiming back Awakening to your Soul Signature on power day.

Each day will bring you into alignment of your core elements Air, Water, Earth and Fire and upgrade your consciousness into the truth of who you are, why you are here and how you can experience this life with ease, grace and harmony.

Now is a great time in history where humanity comes together to co-create a We World where all living fully in the present allows for conscious creations of the future.

The Giving Tree proudly welcomes Sidra Jafri to take us all on our journey where we start to live our highest destiny.

Book your place for the exclusive course today if you are tired of the stress, the pain, the money issues and relationship problems that keep weighing you down day after day. I am going to connect you with the new "WE" world to achieve what you are truly destined to do in life. As soon as you align with your true purpose, the challenges and difficulties of the past will be put behind you for good, and you will gain a new sense of clarity and a new perception of seemingly challenging situations.

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