Book Online Tickets for Comprehensive Digital Marketing Training, Pune. After taking on Hyderabad, on public demand it\\\'s Pune now. We have been training people on Digital Marketing training for over 3 years now.Trained a little over 3000 students and professionals on various disciplines, we have finally reached Pune.

Comprehensive Digital Marketing Training


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    Complete Digital Marketing Training

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About The Event

After taking on Hyderabad, on public demand it's Pune now. We have been training people on Digital Marketing training for over 3 years now.

Trained a little over 3000 students and professionals on various disciplines, we have finally reached Pune. This is a classroom training what will span across 4 weekends and we would be covering all the modules of Digital Marketing, namely:

- SEM (Google/Bing/FB/LI)
- SMM (Organic & Paid)
- Web Analytics
- Email Marketing
- Affiliate Marketing

- Blog/Article Marketing & much more.

Our strength is not just training but all round development of theory, practice and Strategising. This is suitable for professional, students & SMBs.

Students can secure jobs and start a breath-taking career with Digital Marketing training, while professionals can enhance their professional careers.

The best part of the training is it is all available at INR 20,000 /- including real time account analysis, case-studies and so on.

Please make sure you visit this demo here:

To know the event venue, please stay tuned. Email us at in case of any questions.

Here is the profile of he trainer:

Please feel free to call 09989614859 and ask for KC for more info. 

Here is the detailed list of contents of the course:

Comprehensive Digital Marketing Training program

Introduction to Digital Marketing
- What is Digital Marketing?
- Why Digital Marketing?
- Digital Marketing platforms?
- Digital Marketing - Organic & Paid
- Digital Marketing era and the way forward
- Digital Marketing for students, professionals and businesses
Search Engine optimisation
- What is SEO?
- Growth of SEO in the recent years
- Ecosystem of a search engine
- What are the kinds of traffic
On Page optimisation
- What is onpage optimization?
- HTML basics
- CSS basics
- Meta Tags usage
- Using Javascript to our Advantage
- Graphics Optimization
- Contextual interlinking
- Micro formats & schemas
- Improving demographic score
Off-page optimization
- Linking Strategies
- Competitor Analysis
- Sculpting
- Link Baiting
- Professional Article Exchange
- Social Book Marking and Promotions
- Directory submissions
Misc Tools
- Google Webmaster Tools
- Site Map Creators
- Browser based analysis tools
- Page Rank tools
- Pinging & indexing tools
- Dead links identification tools
- Open site explorer
- Domain information / whois tools
- Quicksprout
Search Engine Marketing
- Introduction to SEM
- SEM platforms - paid platforms
- Introduction to Google AdWords
- What is Google AdWords?
- How is it different from other platforms?
- Create an AdWords account
- Key terminologies in Google AdWords
- Google AdWords Account Structure
- Ad approval process
- Campaign creation process
- Search & Display network
- Keyword Match types
- Keyword selection (Keyword planner)
- Display Planner
- Ad Extensions
- Different types of extensions
- Creating location extensions
- Creating call extensions
- Create Review extensions
- Ad creation process
- Keyword Grouping
- Bidding techniques - Manual / Auto
- Site Targeting
- Keyword targeting
- Demographic Targeting / Bidding
- CPC-based, CPA-based & CPM-based accounts
Advanced Campaign settings
- How to handle different devices
- Mobile specific bids
- Ad Scheduling
- Ad Rotation
- Ad delivery settings
Analysing Account performance
- Account interface analysis of data
- Understanding metrics
- Search Terms report
- Placement Performance report
- Analyzing keywords, Ads
- Landing page relevance
- Quality score
- Ad Rank
- Cost/Benefit analysis of campaigns
- How to add / remove relevant keywords
- Optimization Process
- Keyword Optimization
- Ad Text Optimization
- Landing page optimization
- Bid/Budget optimization
- Return on investment Vs Branding
- Attain equilibrium b/w keyword relevance, ad text and Landing page quality
- Understanding LPQ and issues
AdWords Editor
- AdWords Editor
- Creating optimized campaigns
- Understanding AdWords Editor options
- Easy optimization of accounts
- Analysis of accounts using AdWords Editor
- AdWords Editor shortcuts
- Analysing existing accounts
- Exporting accounts into different formats
- Understanding Conversion Tracking
- Types of Conversions
- Setting up Conversion Tracking
- Verify Conversion Tracking
- Tracking Conversions
- Optimizing Conversions
- Track offline conversions
- Analyzing conversion data
- Conversion optimizer
- Target CPA
Working with Display Network
- Ad Formats
- Creating Image ads
- Optimizing image ads
- Choosing placements
- Frequency capping
Mobile Ads
- What is mobile ads?
- Creating mobile ads?
- What are the types of mobile ads?
- AdWords for mobile
Click to Call Campaigns
- Create click to call campaign
- Analyze the campaigns
- Optimize the ads for mobile
Youtube Advertising
- What is youtube advertising?
- Why should one advertise on youtube?
- Creating youtube campaigns
- Choose audience for video ads
- Instream ads
- In-video ads
- In-search ads
- In-display ads
- Measuring your youtube ad performance
- Drive leads and sales from youtube ads
My Client Center (MCC)
- What is MCC?
- Who can be an MCC?
- How to signup for an MCC account?
- Adding clients for MCC account
- Monitoring child accounts
- What is MDS?
- UI Access and API access
- Creating multiple MCCs
Access Levels
- Sharing an AdWords account
- Different access levels
- Admin access
- Standard Access levels
- Email only Access
- Read only access
Billing in AdWords
- Different types of billing
- Postpay and Prepay [Automatic and Manual]
- Billing issues
- Retry card
- Troubleshooting issues
- Primary card and back up card
- Promo codes and working with them
Invalid clicks
- Tracking invalid clicks
- What should be done
- IP exclusion
Dynamic search ads
- What are dynamic ads?
- Creating dynamic search ads
- Keyword Insertion
Shared Library
- What is shared library?
- Shared Budgets
- Sharing negative keywords
- Creating shared audience
- Running keyword reports
- Campaign and Ad group level reports
- Placement performance report
- Running analysis reports
Remarketing Campaigns
- What is remarketing?
- How do I create a remarketing campaigns?
- Remarketing campaigns
- Creating custom combinations
- Creating URL rule
- Creating a remarketing tag
BING AdCenter
- Bing AdCenter -
Facebook Marketing
- Facebook Paid Marketing
- Running paid campaigns
- Managing interests
- Create custom audiences
- Create multiple adverts
- Power editor
Analyze campaigns
- View FB insights
- Data Interpretation
Linkedin Marketing
- LinkedIn Paid Campaigns
A/B split testing Web Analytics
- Introduction to Web Analytics
- GA Terminology (Dimensions & Metrics)
- Introduction to Reports
- Audience Reports, Traffic Sources and Content Reports
- Basic Setup
- Campaign Tagging & Reporting
- Understanding Conversions
- Understanding Goals and Funnels
- Dashboard
- Custom Reporting
- Understanding Events
- Linking and Using Data from Google Adwords
- Profiles
- Profile Filters
- Visitor Flow
- Real-Time Data
Content Marketing
- Blog Marketing
- Article Marketing
- Cross promotions
- How to effectively market content
- Call to action via content
- Guest blogging
- Content Marketing tools (Around 30 of them)
Email Marketing
- Importance of email marketing
- email Marketing platforms
- Creating e-mailers
- Tracking emailers
- Open rates and CTR of emailers
- Drive leads from emailers
- What is opt-in lists
- Create forms
Lead Management & Digital Marketing
- Web to lead forms
- Web to case forms
- Lead generation techniques
- Leads are everywhere
- Social media and lead gen
- Inbuilt tools for Digital Marketing
- Ip Tracker
- CPC reduction (in case of paid ads)
- Group posting on Social Media platforms
Social Media Marketing
- Social Media, Social networking & Social Media Marketing defined
- Blogging and microblogging
- Social networking
- Video Sharing
Social Shopping & Opinions
- Social News and Social Bookmarking
- Social events
- wikis
- Social Media Strategy
Facebook Marketing
- Introduction to Social Media
- What is Social Media?
- How Social Media developed
- Managing Information Aggregators
- Google Alerts
- Blogs
Getting your company ready for Social Media
- Content Management
- Scheduling & Creating content
- Managing content programs
- Trademark Implications
- Working with Tumblr
- Who are they?
- How to find them
- How to use them to benefit your brand
- Creating groups and pages
- Tips and Guides
- Posts
- Paid Promotion
- Ads
- Contests
- Set-up and usage
- Company profile
- Hangouts
- Authorship
- Set-up and usage
- Tips
- Promoted Tweets
- Buffer
- Hootsuite
- What is tweetdeck
- Tips and Guides
- Review of profiles
- Linkedin posts
- Linkedin promotions
Digital communities
- Evolution of online communities
- How ideas travel
- Viralness
Social Media Measurement
- The ROI in Social Media Marketing
- Tools and Dashboards
- Reputation and crisis management
Social media measurement and metrics
- Quantifying success
- Data mining and social media
- Social Media Measurement tools
- Data and social media
Other Social Media Tools
- Google Trends
- Trending Topics
- Twitter trends
- Social Media Trends
Facebook paid ads
- Facebook Object Ads
- Page Post ads
- Sponsored Stories
- Facebook Offers
- Facebook Sponsored Stories
- Remarketing Ads
- Custom Audience
- Action Specific Targeting
- Facebook Premium Ads
What you will learn
- How to get your business checking-in
- Setting up accounts on second tier platforms
- Promoting social media pages in other media
- Best social media listening and management tools
- Creating positive chatter in social media
- Linking social media accounts
- Utilizing discussion boards and social groups
- Metrics, Measurement and Evaluation
- Defining key terms in social media
- Establishing goals and key tracking metrics
- Free social media measurement tools
- Benefits of popular and custom URL shorteners
- Calculating acquisition costs and hard ROI from social media
- Creating customized campaign performance reports
- Social Media Case Studies
- Major brand case study
- Small company case study
- Small B2B case study
- Big brand digital media site side optimization
- Taigan
- Using social media for brand awareness
- Using social media for direct response

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