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About The Event

For the first time ever, Antano Solar John is bringing his advanced technology of Excellence Installation to Hyderabad, to help you experience a completely new world of Business Growth. 

A world where you open people to you, such that they welcome your closure, delightfully. 

 “The close is important because it converts invested time to profitable time” – Zig Ziglar

As an Entrepreneur or Leader would you like to “Up” your Influencing skills? Want to learn the Success Strategies of master negotiators? Do you feel stuck in taking your business to the next level? 

Then "Close the Deal like a Pro" is the program for you

In this one day program, this personal evolution guru and pioneer of Excellence Installation will help you develop your Inner Game to Close Deals fast. 

Antano believes that people judge you even before you have a chance to speak -How they judge you, is based on several ‘sensory sub conscious’ factors that are beyond most people’s influence. Hence, most people are ‘stuck’ with who they can and cannot influence.


By mastering your ‘Inner Game’, your personality will emanate trust, authority and charm. This opens the people you are influencing to want to close a deal with you.

It is not about techniques. It's about who you are…who you can become…the inner you, that reflects in your every move. Learn from Antano Solar John - the prodigy who had companies pursuing him for his expertise even when he was in college! One of the youngest CTOs and International Author in the country back then…he could walk into the CEO's office by invitation, chat about anything needing attention and walk out with a deal in hand 22!

So Are you Ready to Close the Deal Like a Pro!



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