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Chef Fundamentals Online Training


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About The Event

Course Objectives

Objective of this course is to introduce students to what Chef is, make them familiar with the core concepts, Master/Agent and Standalone modes, and help them get started writing Infrastructure as a code. This course also teaches how to integrate Chef with AWS tools and manage complete lifecycle of cloud infrastructure.


Target Audience

This introductory course is targeted for the devops professionals, experienced sysadmins who want to understand what Chef is, how it is used, and how to use its primitives to automate their own infrastructure.



  • Basic understanding of linux/unix system concepts
  • Familiarity with Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • Familiarity with a Text Editors


System Requirements

  • Specified in a separate lab setup instructions document.

Course Outline

  • High level overview of Chef, Recipes, Cookbooks, Runlists, Roles, Search
  • Workstation Setup
  • Knife Client
  • Test Node/Client Setup
  • Convergence
  • Node Object
  • Cookbooks, Recipes Resources
  • Attributes and Templates
  • Search
  • Data Bags
  • Roles
  • Environments
  • Using Community Cookbooks


Daywise Contents


Day I

  • High level overview of Chef, Recipes, Cookbooks, Runlists, Roles, Search
  • Learning Environment Setup
  • Node Object
    • Creating Hosted Chef Account
    • Knife Workstation Setup
    • Node Creation
    • Bootstrapping Node
  • Cookbooks, Recipes Resources
    • Packages, Cookbook Files, Services
    • Run list
  • Chef Authentication ProcessResource Collection and Execution Phases
    • Validation Key
    • Client Key, Client configs
  • Attributes and Templates
    • Cookbook Attributes


Day II

  • Attributes and Templates continued....Cookbook Dependencies
    • ERB Templates
    • Template Variables
  • Attribute Precedence
  • Execute ResourceConditionals
    • Execute resource to run ad hoc commands and s
    • Controlling Idempotence
  • Dependencies and Notifications
    • Cookbook Dependencies
    • Metadata , Versioning
  • Search Deep Dive
    • Learning to use Search with Chef
    • Search Patterns
  • Data Bags
    • Data bags to store global data
    • Search and Databags
    • Writing recipes to parse databags
  • Roles
    • Roles to Provide Abstraction
    • Grouping together classes of servers with roles
    • Attribute precedence levels and roles
  • EnvironmentsUsing Community Cookbooks
    • Environments to provide isolation
    • Cookbook constraints
    • Environment specific attributes 


Do I bring my own laptop to the class?

Yes. You will need to carry your own laptop to the class. We will provide you with all the softwares required and help you configure it. Wifi access will be provided.


What are the next steps after this course?

After you complete this course you consider following action, possibly in the order specified.

  • Start applying knowledge gained to automate your infrastructure
  • Start writing your own cookbooks and customizing community ones
  • Consider Chef Advanced Course if required


** Training Materials Attribution **

We use the course material provided by Chef (previously opscode) with due attribution. We applaud their efforts to create top class content and to make it available to the community with Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 License. Even you could request for open training materials.

You could also avail for official training programs from Chef which are conducted all over the world.



About Trainer 




Mukta Aphale

With 13+ years of IT experience in Development, DevOps and Business Development, Mukta has worked as a technologist in all phases of DevOps. She has rich experience working in Development and DevOps which spans across various domains like eCommerce, Media, Telecom and FinTech. The drive to solve problems, to keep learning continuously and to deliver more led her to quit a dream job and to start her own venture, Crevise Technologies. Being passionate about DevOps, she has also presented in events like ChefConf, DockerCon and very many local events.


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