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About The Event

About #buildwithAWS:

One of the world's most powerful hosting platform, Amazon Web Services, needs to be harnessed in order to create high performance apps, sites and programs. We introduce a new series of LearnUps teaching you the capabilities and power of the AWS platform and how it can be leveraged to give your software the boost it needs.
These will take place on a weekly basis and will centre around imbibing you with key knowledge around using trending technologies to build and create highly interactive, engaging and performing websites, apps and programmes using the AWS platform.
You stand to gain from free & valuable knowledge from each LearnUp as well as knowledge on the Amazon Web Services Platform. 
How else do you benefit? Besides getting access to a LearnUp, you also get $100 worth of AWS credits you can use for website hosting and code uploading.

Session Agenda:

We take you through the concept of virtualization which would include the different types of virtualizations, understanding the Docker as a software containerization platform like Docker's Architecture, Building and running custom images in Docker containers and Networking Docker Containers. We finally end the basic sessions by understanding Scalable container management services which would include overview of Amazon ECS, kubernetes, Docker swarm, Azure container Service and understanding Amazon ECS and ECR and kubernetes in detail. The learning sessions would be followed by a Q&A round and then we proceed to build the app using Docker and AWS services.

Problem statement:

Create a RESTful Web API using Docker and AWS services


Problem statement Agenda:

  • Create a RESTful web API which prints 'hello' in the language and framework of your choice
  • Write the Dockerfile for this project, build the image and push it to AWS ECR
  • Create an ECS task with this image
  • Create an ECS optimized EC2 cluster
  • Deploy this task on the cluster as a service
  • Test the API

About the Speaker:

Abhishek Chawla is a graduate from DTU (Delhi Technological University), and is currently working with LimeTray! -A SAAS product based company which is helping FnB business create a strong presence online by developing technology solution for them.

He is truly passionate about his work and follows an insightful approach towards problem-solving specifically focusing on software complexity and optimization using advanced algorithms, data-structures, graph theory, asynchronous programming ,concurrency, NoSQL databases and love writing performance oriented code using design patterns.

His primary areas of interest include logical programming, scalability, Distributed Systems, Back-end Development, Algorithms, Amortized analysis,Data-Structures, Software design patterns, Databases, Performance-analysis, High Performance Computing, code optimization for performance.

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