Building a pokedex with React.js and ES6

Building a pokedex with React.js and ES6


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About The Event

In this live­coding deep dive session lets explore React with ES6 and build a crisp Pokedex using the PokeApi!! Let's start with the basics of a React component works and how to build one with ES6. In the next step, lets level up by using a public JSON API and learn how to build a miniature Pokedex.

Key Take Aways

Setting up web pack, label for the project 
React Basics ­ Component LifeCycle, State, Props and Context 
Using a JSON API to serve data to the components 
Routing with React


Programming Basics 

Target Audience

Developers who are excited about React 

The Main Course


Quick Introduction to ES6, Babel and Webpack 
Introduction to React & the Component Life Cycle 
Building a React Component 
Introduction to the Pokeapi 
Integrating Pokeapi into our app 
Wrapping up


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