Bridge 2016 - HR Summit

Bridge 2016 - HR Summit


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About The Event

While the change due to the advent of a newer industrial revolution is highly promising, it also challenges us with a scenario where some professions might face the threat of redundancy, while others will grow faster, and current day jobs facing a change in the skill set requirement.

In order to prevent such a worst-case scenario, technological change coupled with talent shortages, mass unemployment and the inequality bulge should be dealt with re-skilling and up-skilling the employees. In particular, business collaboration within industries that is essential to create huge pool of skilled talent has become crucial. To ensure that a gender diversified future workforce is evolved with the capability to grapple with the situation we must become more specific and much faster in comprehending the changes ahead and be conscious of the communal responsibility to guide the workforce, businesses and communities through this evolution.

The Summit is intended to discuss those points on empowering the students for the Future of Work.

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