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About The Event

What will I learn?
  • The Art of Generating Ideas - Right when you need them.
  • The slow & the fast brain
  • Thinking Modes.
  • How a good memory is essential to both, learning and business.
  • Secrets to a super memory.
  • The need of reading fast.
  • Secrets of Speed Reading - Unleash the power of your eyes.
  • Whole brain thinking.
  • The power of mind maps.
  • and much more...
Who should attend?

The workshop is open for everybody from 10 years to 100 years. If you understand that your brain can help you achieve much more but you don't know how, then YOU MUST ATTEND.

Why should I attend?

The cut-throat competition and so much information overload is forcing people to learn a lot. Ironically people spend time learning everything but without learning HOW to learn. They hardly spend time learning how to use the brain. Ultimately, the BRAIN is the manager of all your knowledge and learning.

Also, often people think that innovation is "coming up with new ideas", "doing things differently", "doing something unique" etc. BUT, these are just a result of innovation. Not Innovation itself. How do you generate a new idea? How do you do something different? How do you create something unique?

This workshop will help you answer these and more questions. No more can you wait for ideas to occur in a shower or on a beach. You will walk out with brain friendly methods for learning, innovation, reading, memory, success and much more.

Pavan Bhattad

Pavan Bhattad is an arbiter at World Memory Championships. India's first and only ThinkBuzan Master Trainer in Mind maps.

He is himself directly trained by:

  • Tony Buzan (Inventor of Mind Maps, Globally ranked no.1 in Creative IQ, Nobel prize nominee)
  • Vikrant Chaphekar (Inventor of Musical Windows System)
  • Phil Chambers (Speed Reading expert and author, Chief Arbiter at World Memory championships)
  • David Lincoln (President ANLP)

Pavan had a successful career in IT and Innovation where he designed 5 industry first solutions in the Healthcare and Mobile technology space. He is now doing research and training on the Human Brain. Pavan is publicly endorsed by Tony Buzan as a Brilliant Trainer.

Pavan intends to teach people about using the Brain. Not the Biology, but the most efficient methods of using the brain.

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